Common Reasons Why You’re Waking Up Too Early

Some people have trouble waking up on time. But then there are also those that wake up a couple of hours earlier than they should.

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If it seems like you are waking up too early, this article is for you — below you will come across some of the most common culprits behind it.

You are Suffering From Insomnia

A lot of people assume that insomnia is all about having a difficult time falling asleep at night or staying wide awake all night long.

If you keep on waking up in the middle of the night or you are waking up earlier than needed, then you are also considered as someone who is suffering from insomnia.

There are many different things that can cause insomnia. They range anywhere from having high levels of stress, taking certain medications to leading a sedentary lifestyle.

A number of medical conditions can cause insomnia, too, such as those that have something to do with the digestive system, nervous system and endocrine system.

In some instances, insomnia is simply due to dietary and lifestyle choices such as working out or consuming coffee at night.

You are Stressed or Anxious

Stress hormones can cause stimulation of the nervous system. After all, they are the ones primarily involved with the fight-or-flight response of the body.

It’s for this reason exactly why being stressed can disrupt your sleep — in some situations, it can you to wake up very early in the morning.

Suffering from anxiety is just like being stressed as it can also cause your bloodstream to be flooded with stress hormones.

Anxiety can keep you from falling asleep at night as soon as you hop into bed. Sometimes it can cause you to wake up a few hours before your alarm clock goes off, thanks to all those anxious thoughts.

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Needless to say, engaging in stress-relieving or relaxing activities especially at the end of the day can help you get a good night’s sleep each time.

You are in the Family Way

Are you a woman who has a bun in the oven? Then don’t be surprised if you cannot seem to enjoy rejuvenating sleep because you keep on waking up in the morning earlier than you should.

Everything that alters the life of a pregnant woman can be blamed on the drastic changes in the levels of hormones taking place within her body, experts say.

During the first trimester, mental and physical changes can rouse you from your sleep unnecessarily — from encountering leg cramps, having vivid dreams to wanting to rush to the toilet to pee.

The good news is the sleep-related issues tend to subside by the second trimester. The bad news? Everything comes back with a vengeance at the start of the third trimester.

With the baby in your womb rapidly growing during the last couple of months of your pregnancy, it doesn’t come as a surprise why a restorative sleep may be elusive once again.

You are Getting Older

It’s no secret that the passing of years can cause so many changes in your body to come into being, and many of them can be quite unfavorable.

One of the so many different things that can change as a result of the normal process of aging is the circadian rhythm — it’s what everybody likes to refer to as the body clock.

As you get older and older, your body and mind require lesser and lesser sleep. It’s because of this exactly why you may be waking up earlier in the morning than when you were in your, say, teens or 30s.

Experts add that the elderly are simply at higher risk of having sleep-related issues such as insomnia and sleep apnea than most others.

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