Ways to have a Healthy and Happy Easter

1. Savor Each Bite It’s a holiday!

Eat what you want (within reason) and enjoy that glass of wine. Depriving yourself of what you truly want could cause you to overeat in moments of emotion or even when you’re just having cravings. Holidays are the times for memories to be made and to enjoy quality time with the family. Allow yourself a few treats, savor your favorite treats and make a pact with yourself not to feel guilty about indulging a little on this special day!

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2. Tweak Your Traditions

Is your family tradition to have ham every Easter but you want to change things up a bit? It’s always a good idea to keep the meat as fresh as possible, so if you want to keep with your tradition, but try something a little bit on the healthier side, cook up a fresh pork roast or individual pork chops for the group. You can season it to your liking and cut the sodium nearly in half!

3. Bring Your Own Healthy Options

If you’re worried about overeating or getting to your party venue and not having enough healthy options – bring you own! It’s always a good idea (and polite too) to come with something in hand. If you’re a health-conscious eater, bring a dish that you know you can snack on without feeling guilty. Veggies and dip or homemade kale chips are always smart options! (iStockphoto)

4. Choose a Crustless Dessert Have the pie – crustless!

Lisa suggests baking fresh apples and pears in the oven with a little bit of butter and cinnamon for a crustless apple pie. For maximum enjoyment, make it a la mode with a scoop of low-calorie frozen yogurt on top! You’ll be indulging yourself in a practically no-fat and very low calorie dessert without setting yourself back a week! (Stockbyte)

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5. Use Your Clothing as a Barometer

Do NOT feel compelled to weigh yourself before and after a holiday. It’s torture! Use your clothing as a barometer for your weight and don’t become obsessive over an extra pound or two. The most important thing to remember is that what you eat today is for a special occasion – when Monday rolls around it has got to be back to your usual healthy lifestyle habits!

6. Hide Easter Candy…from Yourself

It’s okay to indulge in a little Easter candy this holiday, but if you’re going to keep it in the house, put it up high and out of reach. This way, when the guests aren’t around and you’re having that craving for a little sugar rush, you’ll stop and ask yourself if it’s time for a treat. It’s fine to allow yourself a little sugar once in a while, but if the candy is right there when you walk in the door you may find your sometimes treat turns into a habit.

7. Nix Elastic Waistbands

“Baggy clothes could mean baggy eating,” says Sasson. We’re not advocating for tight clothing here, but wear something that makes you feel comfortable and avoid showing up in those stretchy pants or a loose sweatshirt; the loser the clothing the greater the risk that you’ll overeat.

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