What does your Acne reveal about your health

In the world of traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that the placement of acne on your face corresponds to the health condition of certain areas of the body. Just by looking at where those blemishes are, it’s possible to tell if there’s a problem elsewhere that you should be dealing with.

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Upper Forehead: The GI Tract and Urinary Bladder


Acne concentrated on the upper portion of your forehead calls for some dietary changes. Replace soda and coffee with tea and have plenty of water to flush out accumulated toxins in the gut. Eat fruits and vegetables high in fiber.


Lower Forehead: The Heart


You may be having problems with the circulatory system if you can spot acne on the lower forehead. Try to avoid as much stressors as possible and do your best to ease stress. Exercise regularly and opt for a diet that’s high in fiber, low in fat. It’s also a good idea to quit smoking and embrace a healthy lifestyle.


Ears: The Kidneys


It’s likely that your kidneys are having trouble carrying out their functions if your ears have acne. Reduce your intake of salty foods and coffee, and drink plenty of water.


Eye Area and Between the Eyebrows: The Liver


Having acne on these parts may indicate that your liver is in need of help. Steer clear of late night snacking as well as sugary and fatty food. Stay away from dairy products and alcohol. Try to have plenty of fruits and vegetables with vitamin C which helps neutralize toxins and strengthen your immune system.

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Upper Cheeks: The Respiratory System


Take good care of your lungs if your upper cheeks are heavily blemished. Quit smoking as well as avoid exposure to secondhand smoke and polluted air. Strengthen your respiratory system by doing cardiovascular exercises.


Lower Cheeks: The Oral Cavity


You may have mouth problems when your lower cheeks have lots of acne. Floss regularly and brush as necessary. Steer clear of sodas and junk food, and have plenty of fruits and vegetables especially those that are rich in vitamin C.


Sides of the Chin: The Hormones


Proper eating habits and avoiding stress can help manage hormonal imbalance, as indicated by acne found on the sides of your chin. Opt for healthy food options and have sufficient rest and sleep.


Middle Part of the Chin: Stomach and Small Intestines


Opt for high-fiber food and drink lots of water to flush out impurities that have accumulated along the intestinal tract. If you have food allergies, do your best to avoid them. It’s also important to dodge stress and have enough sleep at night.


Neck and Chest: The Immune System


Blemishes on the neck and chest may indicate that you are stressed and your immune system is trying to fight off an infection. Have plenty of foods that are loaded with vitamin C to bolster your immunity. It’s also important to combat stress, have your regular dose of exercise, and enjoy 7 to 8 hours of shut-eye nightly.

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