What Happens When You Stop Eating Bread?

A lot of us have heard of the low carb diet and how good it is for the body. Thinking about this diet, what food do you think should be immediately removed from the pantry? One of the first things we have to say goodbye to is delicious pasta and filling bread. Some people that have gone through this diet have experimented on how long a person can go with little to no carbs diet and they shared with us some interesting things that happens. May you be cutting out whole grains, refined carbohydrates or all carbs in general. Here are the different effects of removing any type of bread or carbohydrate in your diet.

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Weight Loss

This is one of the effects that we want to happen when we reduce carbs in our diet. Removing carbs from your diet will instantly help you shed off a few pounds with little to no exercise. However, the weight you are losing isn’t exactly the ones you want to remove. The weight that falls off tends to be water, not fat. This is due to the lack of carbs in the body. When we ingest carbs it is stored in the body as a form of glycogen. This glycogen can store up to three to four times of water weight. As soon as you lose the glycogen in your body and reduce the production, the water weight will surely shed off. Though, it may sound like a good idea; not all of it has a positive effect on the body.

Low on Energy

This mostly applies to people that undergone the low carb diet that completely remove any form of carbs in their diet. The lack of energy or lower levels of energy are mostly caused by the lack of glycogen. Carbs are used by the body and brain as one of the main source of energy. Without any carbs in the body, the glycogen levels tend to become depleted and we end up exhausting all of our stored energy. This then leaves us running on little to no energy. If our body finally loses all its glycogen, it will start to run on ketones. This will result in tiredness, dizziness, nausea, lack of concentration, weakness, dry mouth, bad breath and memory problems. In the long run, your body will start to adapt at using ketones as a source of energy and will start to feel normal. Though, this is still not the preferred fuel for energy. This can make you use to having low energy levels.

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No Refined Carbohydrates

People that only remove refined carbohydrates in their diet can experience a lot of health benefits. A lot of people know how bad refined carbohydrates are for your blood sugar levels. This type of carbs causes the glucose levels to skyrocket and go crashing down in a matter of a few hours. This roller coaster ride on the blood sugar causes the addiction centers in our brain to activate. This then increases our craving for sugary, fatty or salty food. Using whole grain and fiber rich bread instead of refined sugar alternatives is much better for the blood sugar levels. It will prevent your blood sugar levels from rising and plummeting. It is essential for people that have a family history of diabetes to start removing refined sugar in their diets.

Endurance and Strength

A common experience with people that removed bread or any type of carbohydrates in their diet is difficulties in working out due to the lack of endurance and strength. Cutting down carbs will drop down your energy levels costing you a lot of your endurance. This can limit your workout. You won’t be able to work as long as you normally would with carbs and your power will also decrease. You won’t be able to lift as much. So, if you are someone that really wants to bulk up or is incredibly active. Opt for healthy carbohydrates in your body. This will give you the energy you need to keep your energy on optimum level.

The summary, our body needs carbohydrates or bread in our system to keep us energized and healthy. Though, not all types of carbohydrates are good for the body. Refined carbohydrates are bad for the health and if consumed in excess can lead to serious health problems. Cutting down on all types of carbs can cause energy levels to drop and deplete our body’s ability to produce new ones.

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