Natural Remedies for Hiccups

Hiccups take place when the diaphragm, the sheet of muscle found just below the lungs, becomes irritated. Eating or drinking too much or too fast is one of the most common causes of hiccups as the distended stomach that results from it irritates the diaphragm. Extremes in temperature and emotionally-charged situations may also cause them to show up.

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Although non-life threatening and they tend to go away on their own after a while, a bout with hiccups can be downright embarrassing. Just imagine going through it while you are in a public library or in a quiet office.

To put a stop to hiccups, try any of the following:

1. Swallow a teaspoon of sugar or vinegar. By slightly irritating the esophagus, hiccups may come to an end.

2. If you don’t want those calories sugar packs or you refuse to put up with the sour taste of vinegar, try chewing on a heaping teaspoon of dill seeds instead.

3. Drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of honey. Just like when taking sugar, vinegar or dill seeds, this easy-to-make hiccup solution can slightly irritate the esophagus and may cause the annoying problem to stop.

4. Take a teaspoon of hot sauce. Thanks to the kick that this condiment brings, it’s very likely for your body to focus its attention on the burning sensation in your mouth, thus ditching those hiccups.

5. Consume a spoonful of peanut butter. Before you can get it down your throat, your tongue and teeth need to do a lot of work. This process disrupts your breathing and may put embarrassing hiccups to a halt.

6. Place a tablespoon of powdered chocolate drink in your mouth. Your attempt to swallow it distracts your body and puts its attention away from hiccups.

7. Place a paper towel on a glass with water and drink through it. Because your mouth and throat muscles need to carry out some extra work to succeed, hiccups may be counteracted.

8. Grab a paper bag and breathe into it, just like what people who are hyperventilating do. This causes an increase in the levels of carbon dioxide in the blood stream, causing your brain to instruct the diaphragm to work harder in order to bring in more oxygen. This is what may stop hiccups. Remember to stop when you already feel lightheaded!

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