What is Foot Reflexology?

Regarded as an alternative type of medicine, foot reflexology is often used in conjunction with standard medical care. These days, it is being offered by more and more hospitals and other related establishments for individuals who can tremendously benefit from undergoing it. Some of them include athletes and those who are prone to everyday stress. Foot reflexology is also said to be advantageous for people afflicted with acute health problems and most especially chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, cancer and hypertension.

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Because it is based on science, foot reflexology is performed by a certified reflexologist. It is definitely on a league of its own, not in any way to be mistaken for or associated with the likes of massages and faith healing. It is somewhat related to acupressure as both of them involve the application of pressure at strategic points. A reflexologist applies pressure to various points on the feet with his or her fingers, employing certain hand techniques minus the use of oils.

There are more than 7,000 nerve endings found at the bottom of each foot of yours. All of them are connected to various organs, glands and regions of the body via the spinal column and the brain. It’s because of this why the manipulation of certain nerve endings situated at the bottom of the feet can have a favorable effect on the parts they are connected to.

Foot reflexology is said to help enhance and accelerate the body’s ability to heal on its own. For instance, the application of pressure on a particular point under the foot may help increase the blood flow to the target organ. This results in better delivery of nutrients and oxygen molecules to the area, as well as improved removal of waste products.

Undergoing the procedure is also a great way to keep your feet in tip-top condition. It’s no secret that the feet are some of the most abused body parts of yours, courtesy of the weight they need to support most especially when you’re in an upright position. Giving the feet the kind of attention and pampering they need can help make you feel good. Foot reflexology is great for individuals with swollen feet, plantar fasciitis, bunions, sprained ankles and other types of injuries to the feet.

As earlier mentioned, foot reflexology is commonly carried out together with standard medical care. It’s for this reason why you should first consult your general practitioner (GP) if you wish to undergo this popular alternative type of medicine. This is especially true if you are currently undergoing treatment for a particular medical condition.

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