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10 Best Ways to Use Extra or Overripe Fruits

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Do you have fruits that are past its prime? That’s what’s best about this season, the seemingly abundant supply of fresh and juicy produce, especially fruits. Unfortunately, some of those foods will go overripe if not consumed immediately. You don’t have to fret, those fruits need not be thrown out and put to waste, instead, read on for some ideas on how to put overripe fruits into good use.

1. Turn it into jam

Jams are breakfast staples—no bread will ever be complete without it. Nothing beats the spreading of jams on a piece of bread in the morning especially if you knew that you were the one who made it. There are lots of recipes to be seen online about preserving fruits, but in essence, all you need to do is boil the mashed-up version of the fruit of your choice, add pectin, transfer the mixture into clean jars then place a lid on it. Voila! Instant homemade jams!

2. Create a bread out of it

Bananas can be turned into banana bread. Strawberries, peaches, and nectarines can be made into delicious breads too.

3. Create a cobbler of crumble pie

Another tip for salvaging overripe fruits is to wrap it up with pastry. Cobbler and crumble pies are relatively easy to make and recipes can be easily found on most cookbooks online and offline.

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4. Turn it into smoothies

Smoothies are by far the best and most refreshing by-product of overripe fruits. Its concentrated flavour makes the smoothie especially tasty.

5. Turn it into a Chunky Sauce that you can use for pancakes or sundaes

Chop up those fruits or smash it with a potato masher and you can create yourself an instant topping for your sundaes and pancakes. Another bright idea? Incorporate the chopped fruits into the batter to create a fruit-filled pancake.

6. Turn it into meatsauce

If your overripe fruit still hasn’t lost all its juices, then t can still render its flavour to sauces. Chop it up into small bits, add it to balsamic vinegar and chicken stock and turn it into a glaze or sauce for meat.

7. Turn it into a salad dressing

If your fruit is no longer pretty looking enough to be used as salad toppings,
then just turn it into a salad dressing instead.

8. Create a juice out of it

This is probably the easiest way to save your overripe fruits—get your juicer and place your fruits right in.

9. Make a fruit leather

Blend up your fruit and spread it thinly on either a Silpat or a dehydrator rack. Slowly bake it a low temp in the oven until it’s all leathery or dehydrated.

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10. Make fruit popsicles

Who doesn’t like popsicles? They’re a refreshing treat especially during hot afternoons.

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