10 Surprising Things You Can Do With Nail Polish

Nail polish! Love them! Need them! Nail polish can bring out creativity and personality in anybody. There are now new ways to create beautiful nails, from stickers to acrylic extensions but nothing beats nail polish.

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Do you like to stock nail polish at home? If you do, did you know there are other things you can do with your nail polish, not just use it to color your nails?

Cover Scratches in Shoes and Boots:
Finding a shoe polish that matches the color of your shoes can be difficult. Thankfully nail polish comes in different colors. Find a nail polish that is the same color of your shoes. Apply a test patch on paper or cloth before applying on your shoes.

Stop Your Stockings Run From Getting Worse:
We’ve all been through this, getting a huge run in your stockings is a universal struggle. Good thing nail polish can help with that dilemma. Applying clear nail polish on the run stops it from getting worse. Let the nail polish harden before you wear the stockings.

To prevent color from fading in Jewelry:
Metallic and wooden jewelry tends to fade in color in time. It can be caused from body chemistry, environmental factors and materials used. Avoid fading by applying a good coat of clear nail polish before wearing the jewelry.

Change The Color Of the Jewelry:
Like the tip above you, can also apply colors to your jewelry. Let your imagine go wild and add a different color and designs to your rings, necklaces and bracelets with nail polish. Lock in the color with a help of clear nail polish.

Thread Needle Faster:
If you have problems with inserting the thread through a needles whole try dipping the end of the thread in clear nail polish. This will keep the thread in place and easier to thread through the small hole without fraying.

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Add Color To Your Bobby Pins:
Add Some color to your hairstyles by painting your bobby pins with nail polish. Only put color on top of the bobby pin though. Putting it under can leave color residue in the hair. Prevent coloring the bottom by pinning it in a thick paper separating the bottom and top part of the pin. Color them in what every color you prefer.

Paint Your Keys:
Differentiate your keys easier by painting it in different colors.

Seal Envelopes:
You can reseal used envelope with clear nail polish. Apply it where you normally would lick it when it’s new.

Add A Pop Of color To the Sole of Your Shoes:
It has been a big trend lately, brightly colored shoe soles. From Loubiton to Jimmy Choo. Create this trendy style with your shoes by applying your choice of bright colored nail polish in your shoe soles. Before painting the sole place tape around the part you don’t want to get color on.

Organized Polish:
If you tend to keep a lot of nail polish a great way to organize them is by coloring the top of the nail polish with its color. This stops you from disarranging them when picking for a color. All you have to do is look at the top of the nail polish to see the color.

These quick and easy nail polish trick can be done with any brand of nail polish. A quick tip to elongate the life of your nail polish: Prevent pumping air into the tube by pouring a small amount of nail polish in a spoon and using a nail art brush.

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