12 Techniques to Cure the Hiccups

You only know hiccups are there when it is there. It is very annoying especially when what is at stake is a great performance.

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Do not allow hiccups get the better of you. Try these remedies.

Avoid Spicy Foods

The acid that is released when the esophagus and the stomach’s linings are irritated due to the consumption of spicy food can bring hiccups. The same acid can leak right to the esophagus.

Don’t Pig Out

Overeating is another cause of hiccups. Some believe that hiccups occur when the body tries to tell that enough food has been eaten and the stomach requires time to process them.

Eat Slower

The vagus nerve is set off when poorly chewed food traps air between them. Chew food well and drink less when eating.

Take an Antacid

Choose an antacid that has magnesium in it. Magnesium decreases the levels of irritation and calms the nerves down. A tablet or two is enough to deal with hiccups.

Bag Those Hiccups

Breathe into an old paper bag. The increase in the levels of the carbon dioxide in the blood makes the body focus on the lack of oxygen and forget about the hiccups.

Hold Your Breath

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Hold your breath by holding your nose and closing your mouth as if you are going to jump in a river or a pool. Do this until the hiccups are gone.

Tickle Them Away

The soft palate of the mouth’s roof can be tickled by swabbing it with cotton. This may relieve hiccups. You can also have someone tickle those hiccups away by asking someone to tickle you.

Pull on Your Tongue

Sticking out and yanking on the tongue my suppress hiccups.

Drink Water

The nerves are calmed down when the hiccups become interrupted with the intake of water. You may try gargling, too.

Get Scared Easily

A little shock or surprise will help the body by getting the vagus nerve overwhelmed. As a result, the body becomes more relaxed.

Hear No Evil

Use the fingertips to put on each ear. Do not stick your fingers too far into your ears.

There are so many ways people cling to when it comes to hiccups. Keep two to three steps in mind then study them for future preferences.

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