4 Telltale Signs Your Body is Flooded with Toxins

Perhaps you have read about or heard of assorted fruits and vegetables as well as diets that are said to detoxify you. Although experts say that your body is equipped with its own detoxifying mechanism, today’s poor diet choices and lifestyle tend to leave it overworked and keep it from effectively sweeping out all of those poisonous substances within you. Constant exposure to environmental pollutants also contributes to the problem. That is why eating detoxifying foods and performing detoxifying diets can prove to be beneficial.

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So you might be wondering right now whether or not you need to undergo detoxification. How can you tell that your body is already full of toxins waiting to be neutralized or expelled? Read on. The following are 4 clear signs that there are simply too much poisonous substances within you that need to be eliminated before they wreak bigger havoc to your body:

Frequent Trips to the Bathroom
Having this constant urge to perform a number 1 or number 2 may be a sign that your body is flooded with toxins that it’s trying to eliminate so badly. During normal circumstances, this is usually enough to get rid of some of those unwanted substances in your body. But if there are simply too much toxins to be flushed out, you need to lend a hand.

Such can be done by drinking more fluids to promote the production of urine. Doing this can help your kidneys filter the blood more effectively. Water, teas and natural fruit juices are your best options, and do try to avoid sugary beverages as well as those packed with artificial colorants, flavorings, sweeteners and other chemicals.

You should also add plenty of fiber-rich fruits and vegetables in your daily diet to help in sweeping out waste products in your gut. Supplementing with probiotics and consuming foods that are naturally fermented like kimchi and sauerkraut help in increasing the number of good bacteria which fight off bad bacteria in your digestive tract.

Reeking Breath
Commonly, food particles and odor-causing bacteria in the mouth are the causes of bad breath. However, there are times too that your body may be simply packed with toxic products that your digestive system and liver, one of your primary organs of elimination, cannot completely remove from your body.

It’s not only your breath that reveals what could be happening within you. Oftentimes, your tongue will also be coated with white stuff. Practicing good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth, flossing and thoroughly cleaning your tongue can help deal with bad breath. Then you should also help your stomach and liver do their jobs by making healthier food choices. For instance, you should skip eating junk and processed foods that contribute to the accumulation of toxins.

Unpleasant Reactions to Certain Scents
If you feel that your nose is more sensitive to cigarette smoke, perfumes and others, it may be an indicator that your body is packed with a lot of toxic substances. According to health authorities, it’s not unlikely for you to become very sensitive to certain odors if your liver and other organs of elimination are not carrying out their tasks optimally.

You can tell that you are hypersensitive to certain smells if your nose picks them up quite easily and you end up with a headache or nausea. Helping your body to flush out toxins can help deal with such problem.

Difficulty Dropping Excess Pounds
Many people find it hard to slim down. Some of the probable culprits behind such include lack of exercise, improper food choices and hormonal problems. But did you know that the presence of tons of toxins may also be the reason at times?

Experts say that certain kinds of poisonous substances such as those found in pesticides can actually keep fat cells from being synthesized. A great way to facilitate weight loss would be to have a healthier diet and lifestyle, of course paired with regular exercise. As the number of toxins within decreases, you will find it easier to lose unwanted pounds.

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