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Is Decaffeinated Green Tea Just as Good as Regular One?

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We all know that green tea is perhaps the healthiest beverage on the face of the planet. However, some people who are sensitive to caffeine cannot fully take advantage of green tea — every cup of it also contains caffeine just like coffee, but way less. The good news is decaffeinated green tea is available these days, too.

You may be wondering if the decaffeinated variety is just as good for you as the regular kind. Well, you don’t have to make guesses because the answer to that can be found below.

Continue reading to know if you can still obtain the benefits of green tea when you choose to brew the decaffeinated type. After checking out this article, share it on your various social media sites to get your caffeine-sensitive family members and friends know, too, if it’s perfectly fine for them to try decaffeinated green tea.

Just like what the name says, decaffeinated green tea is a type of green tea whose caffeine content has been removed during processing. It’s just like decaffeinated coffee that is intended for people who wish to skip caffeine.

While caffeine is being removed, some of the beneficial compounds in green tea, in particular those powerful antioxidants are also eliminated. According to scientist, however, the amount of antioxidants removed during the process is not that considerable — you still get to enjoy lots and lots of those in every cup of decaffeinated green tea.

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Some people take green tea to be alert but without subjecting themselves to larger doses of caffeine. As mentioned earlier, green tea has caffeine just like coffee, although in lesser amounts. Needless to say, you are not going to get any buzz from decaffeinated green tea, rendering it useless as a stimulating beverage.

Then there are also those who consume green tea to help them shed off unwanted pounds — caffeine present is what makes green tea capable of speeding up the metabolism. If you switch from regular green tea to decaffeinated green tea, fret not because you will still be able to enjoy the beverage’s weight loss benefits.

What makes decaffeinated green tea still very good at promoting the elimination of unwanted pounds is the presence of epigallocatechin gallate. EGCG for short, it’s a compound present in green tea that is proven to help in the reduction of weight. So yes, decaffeinated green tea can still help you attain the figure of your dreams.

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Speaking of weight loss, green tea extract is a very popular supplement for individuals who have a hard time losing weight through proper eating habits and regular exercising alone. Green tea extract contains high amounts of caffeine and EGCG, which makes it impress a lot of weight-watchers.

These days, you can also get your hands on decaffeinated green tea extract, which is basically just the same as green tea extract although with no caffeine content. This type of weight loss supplement is perfect for individuals who like to slim down but without ingesting caffeine to which they are sensitive.

So in a nutshell, decaffeinated green tea is just as good for you as regular one. Since it’s just the caffeine content (plus a few of its antioxidants) that are removed during the processing stage, you can still enjoy majority of the health benefits that green tea is known to offer — from slowing down skin aging to boosting brain power.

Unfortunately, it’s still possible for small amounts of caffeine to remain present in every cup of green tea — the processes of removing caffeine is not entirely foolproof, and some of the substance may remain intact. If you are highly sensitive to caffeine, look for a brand that suits you the most or simply opt for a weak brew of decaffeinated green tea.

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