Foods that will make your skin Whiter

So many women who didn’t come into this world sporting white skin look for quick and effective solutions to make their complexion look fairer and radiant. While there are numerous soaps, serums, lotions and even pills on the market that claim to make skin whiter, many of them don’t come cheap and a lot of them probably don’t work.

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If you are on the hunt for an effective and all-natural way to make your skin glow, continue reading. Below you can find certain foods that can actually make your complexion look whiter and healthier from within.


Loaded with antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, it’s no wonder why papaya can make your skin appear lovelier and younger. Other than eating the fruit, papaya may also be used topically to get rid of blemishes and uneven skin tone.


One of the best sources of skin-beneficial vitamin C is kiwi. Just like papayas, you may consume kiwis or apply them topically in order to attain fairer and healthier skin.


Thanks to the impressive amounts of vitamin C in strawberries, consuming them can help you attain your beauty goal.


Regular consumption of tomato or tomato juice is great for the skin as it’s packed with antioxidants like vitamin C and lycopene.


Drinking beetroot juice on a daily basis supplies your body with iron that promotes red blood cell production, thus giving you rosy cheeks and radiantly healthy skin all over. Applying beetroot juice on your face also does wonders!

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No matter if added to salads or taken as juice, vitamin C and beta carotene in carrots can make your skin healthy and fairer.

Red and Yellow Bell Peppers

Packed with antioxidants, it isn’t a surprise why bell peppers can make your skin look young and glowing.

Green Tea

Antioxidants in green tea protect the skin from damage brought about by free radicals and too much sun exposure. It may also be daubed on blemishes to lighten their appearance.

Soy and Soy Products

Tofu, soymilk and the rest of the gang can get rid of lifeless skin by supplying your body with vitamin C, zinc and protein.


Omega-3 fatty acids in the likes of mackerel, tuna, trout, sardines, herring and cod are good for the skin. They also contain protein necessary for the repair of tissue and construction of new ones.


Vitamins C and E in broccoli helps protect the cells from free radical damage that robs your complexion of its lovely glow.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Fiber in green leafy vegetables flushes out impurities, allowing your skin to glow with health from within. Regular consumption of veggies is also good for the health in general.

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