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5 Healthy Reasons Why You Need to Eat More Prunes

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Since their name was changed to dried plums, prunes have gained a whole new following. Men and women have discovered the great benefits of prunes. Besides being a great digestive remedy, prunes have more things to offer. Follow the list below and see for yourself.

Beta Carotene and Vitamin K
A study in 2013 has shown that the increase in the intake of beta-carotene makes people happier. It also repairs the damages brought by free radicals as well as protect the body form them. Another benefit is the reversal of the signs of aging. Vitamin K and beta-carotene fight the signs of aging through diminished bone loss and improved circulation.

Bone Health
Prunes and plums are great in the prevention of reversal of bone loss, according to recent studies. This is due to the pack of phenoic and flavonoids in them. This way bone health is improved and the risk is osteoporosis is lessened.

Plums and prunes are great at maintaining cholesterol levels. The soluble fiber in them soaks up the excess bile from the intestines and excretes them. To digest of fat, bile is made from the cholesterol in the liver. When the body gets rid of the bile, the liver produces more bile. This process needs more cholesterol. As a result, the amount of cholesterol in circulation is lowered. The presence of fibers tends to control the amount of cholesterol produced by the body.

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Obesity and Diabetes are better managed with plums and prunes. Since they are loaded with soluble fiber, the blood sugar levels are kept at healthy levels. The rate of the food that is removed from the stomach is slowed down. This way, the sugar absorbed by the body into the blood stream is slowed down, too. When there is ample supply of soluble fiber, the body’s sensitivity to insulin is increased.

The fibers are also great to make you feel full after a meal.

Protection from Diseases
The brain is better protected from free radicals and their damage with plums and prunes. They also help in preventing the occurrence of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Phenol which are phytonutrients are packed in plums and prunes. They help in cell damage prevention especially with the oxidation of the body’s fats.

Prunes are great for health buffs, too. They are a sweet treat at only 30 calories.

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