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7 Reasons Korean Products Are Taking the West by Storm

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The K-pop generation has ruled the half of the internet population and now Korean beauty products are starting to dominate among other beauty goods. It comes as no surprise that Korean beauty products are effective and gentle on the skin. Ever wonder why in every “Koreanovela” every actor has a smooth and flawless complexion?

These actors are usually partnered with a Korean beauty brand that helps them attain that perfect complexion. These beauty brands revolutionize the beauty industry in Asia, and are now coming to western soil.

The rise of BB creams and CC creams in the market is highly surprising. A product that was initially developed for the Asian skin was reinvented by famous international beauty brands to cater different skin types.

If you have never tried a Korean beauty product, here are seven amazing reasons to try them right now!

BB Creams:
There is now westernize version of BB creams, these creams are light on the skin and have minimal coverage unlike Korean BB creams. Western brands can really seem to get BB cream right. Korean BB creams promise moisture, sun protection, whitening, anti-aging and coverage.

There are high-end Korean beauty products that can burn a hole in your pocket, but there are also affordable drugstore brands that are as amazing as the high-end ones. Save yourself a few bucks by trying out famous drugstore brand beauty products. Affordable brands such as Etude House, Skin Food and Tony Moly guarantee results and affordability.

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Beautiful Packaging:
South Korea and Japan tend to go for a whimsical and fairytale style of packaging. Even low end makeup brands sport eye catching packaging. Walking through a Korean makeup store is like walking into fantasy land. You’ll find hand creams in owl shape jars, lipstick in wand shaped tube and compact powders in sea shells.

Korean women don’t seem to age, they remain flawless and smooth no matter their age. Korean people are very meticulous when it comes to their skin. They have products for any skin problems. They have cleansers, toner, mask, eye cream, exfoliate scrub, moisturizer, pore cleanser, emulsifier, night cream, day cream and so much more. A consistent regime of these products will surely guarantee results in no time.

Weird Ingredients:
There are a lot of weird products in the market, but Korean product likes pushing their products to the optimum limit. They extract weird products that are scientifically proven to benefit the skin. Some of these weird ingredients are snake venom (cell restoration), bee venom (produce collagen) and sheep placenta (rejuvenate the skin).

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Most Korean beauty product know how important it is to protect the skin from sun damage. Most Korean products, especially CC creams and moisturizer contain sunscreen.

Korean products are the pioneers of some of the most popular beauty items in the market. BB cream, snail creams and sleeping packs all originated from Korea.
Korea has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to beauty products alongside another beauty product powerhouse Japan.

A definite must try Korean products are their brow colors, BB creams, different colored eye pencils, overnight face masks and eye creams.

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