5 Healthy Foods that Contain More Potassium Than a Banana

Mention the word “potassium” and it’s almost for certain that everyone will have bananas on their minds. While it’s true that these elongated and fleshy fruits are notorious for their rich potassium content, it turns out that they are not the only leading sources of the mineral under the spotlight. Continue reading to learn what other foods are great potassium sources. Including them in your everyday diet helps ward off fatigue, dizziness, muscle cramps and potassium-deficiency problems.

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White Beans

Half a cup of white beans provides you with 502 mg of the mineral potassium. These legumes are also packed with dietary fiber that helps promote regular bowel movement and lowered cholesterol levels. White beans are also loaded with muscle-building amino acids, making them excellent fat- and cholesterol-free sources of protein especially among vegetarians.

Sweet Potatoes

No matter if baked, mashed, stuffed or turned into casserole, sweet potatoes make for some excellent side dish. These saccharine spuds are also wonderful sources of potassium, with 543 mg of it found in a medium-sized sweet potato.


Avocados are revered for their healthy fats. But did you know that these pear-shaped fruits are also top-notch suppliers of potassium? A half a fruit contains as much as 487 mg of potassium. No matter if you like to eat avocados as they are, turned into guacamole or made into refreshing smoothies, you can get plenty of potassium from these really filling fruits.


With so many tasty recipes out there involving spinach, you practically have no excuse not to incorporate this vitamin- and mineral-packed dark green leafy vegetable into your daily diet. Here’s another reason why you should have spinach regularly: a cup of it boasts of as much as 839 mg of potassium.

Plain Yogurt

An 8 oz serving of plain yogurt contains about 579 mg of potassium. Whenever you are in need of a tasty and nutritious snack and bananas are nowhere to be found, opt for yogurt. Another reason why yogurt is so good for you is the billions of good bacteria it contains, promoting optimum gut health. Just see to it that you go for the unsweetened and unflavored variant in order to enjoy all the health-giving goodness yogurt offers, and none of those chemicals your body doesn’t need.

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