Is it Acne or Allergies or Something Else?

That annoying bumps and red marks in your face are usually misdiagnosed as acne related or allergies. This is mostly because acne and allergies are the most common known skin disorder in the world. We tend to treat our face with this in mind and end up not getting the desired results we want. Though, people should realize that there are a lot more skin disorders that affect our face than breakout related disorders. We need to familiarize ourselves with this to know how to properly treat them. If you really want that clear complexion and get rid of any unwanted marks you have to identify which it is first.  Let’s learn more about these common facial skin disorders and how you can treat them.

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This is a skin condition that is often mistaken for acne due to its appearance. Though, rosacea is a type of chronic rash that results in a dome shape and reddish spots all over the skin. This is often due to the excess production of sebum. This can also appear on the face as swelling, scaling and red patches. A lot of things can trigger rosacea. Sun exposure, hot baths, spicy food, red wine, stress is just a few triggers. You can limit this triggers by wearing SPF 30 daily. If your condition worsens, go to your dermatologist immediately. They will be able to give you a prescription of stronger oral antibiotics or topical cream to treat the condition. Bumpy pustules and broken capillaries are often the result of rosacea. You can reduce these by getting V Beam Laser therapy and phototherapy. This can be a bit expensive, but is worth. Though, you can cover this redness with a bit of concealer.


Milia or millium cyst appears on the skin as white bumps. It mostly appears on the nose, cheeks and forehead. This is common in people that have oily skin type. The color may vary for different skin tone. Some can have yellow hues and other brown hues. This can at times appear as a single bump or in a cluster. The bump when pressed can feel rough or firm. This is due to the keratin accumulated by the bump. You can minimize this using an oil control product or exfoliation. Using retinol products can help remove them from the skin. Milia often appears in babies too. Though, within time it will disappear completely.

Skin Tags

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Skin tags can appear all over the body. This type of skin problem appears ad nubby little growth on the skin. They can be commonly seen in groin, armpit, under the breast, neck and face. Skin tags are completely harmless and cause no irritation on the skin. Though, it can be insightful to some. It can also multiply as you age. Skin tags occur due to the chafing in the skin folds or the irritation of skin rubbing together. This can also be caused by wearing something or using something that irritate the skin. There are different ways to remove skin tags at home. Yet, the best way will always be with a professional. If done wrong, it can lead to skin infection and scaring. The dermatologist will either apply heat or cold to remove the skin tag.


Eczema is one of the most common skin condition. It can affect one out of five people, disregarding the age, ethnicity and gender. This appears as red, dry and itchy patches on the skin. To reduce the irritation of eczema you have to avoid sun exposure, products that contain strong chemicals, fragrances, and strong soaps. Use antihistamine and frequent moisturizing to cure it.


Melasma appears as dark patches on the skin. It is mostly seen in the forehead, upper lip and cheeks. This is often linked to women and sun exposure. This is often seen in women on the pill or is pregnant. It is said to be due to the estrogen levels in the body. The best way to reduce this is to avoid sun exposure and apply sunscreen. Melasma goes away with time. If it last longer than a month go to your dermatologist and ask about laser resurfacing.

Getting that clear complexion isn’t as easy as you want. There are so many skin disorders that can affect our face. Nonetheless, each one has a specific way or a product that can help treat it. Even if you do not have any skin problems, it is still good to know what these skin disorders to help you in the future. This is a great way to help your friends out if they have an unidentified mark on their face. Have you experienced any of these skin disorders? How did you manage to get rid of them? Share it with us!

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