7 Ways to Make Healthy Eating More Exciting

Admit it. It can be pretty boring if you have to eat the same healthy foods all the time. The good news is that eating healthy shouldn’t be uninspired. Here are a few ways that can help make healthy eating more enjoyable.

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1. Spruce up the salads.

Salads are considered to be a staple as a health food but eating the same thing can actually make it less appealing especially if you are not that creative when it comes to their ingredients. For the base, use different types of greens and lettuces then add various vegetables in different colors and textures and give uncommon vegetables such as marinated artichokes and jicama a whirl. Try a wide range of proteins like marinated tofu, grilled chicken or fish, beans, edamame, or lentils. You can add roasted seeds, soynuts, and nuts or even whole-grain croutons for that added crunch. Finally, don’t just use bottled dressings to give your salad a lift but you can actually make your own salad. Just combine oil (grapeseed, canola, olive oil, etc) with acid like Dijon mustard or vinegar, then add your favorite spices and herbs and shake them all up before drizzling over your salad. Put any leftover dressing in the refrigerator.

2. Choose unique seasonings and spices.

Both the herbs as well as spices can give more flavor without adding salt, fat, and sugar. You probably have your usual spices and herbs on hand but try thinking outside your comfort zone. There are actually plenty of lesser-known and even exotic spices as well as seasonings out there that your palate will enjoy and make you want to keep on eating healthy. The next time you shop check out other spices or seasonings and experiment with them. Try ginger, dried chipotle peppers, harissa seasoning, anise, turmeric, cardamom, garam masala, dried savory leaves, as well as curry powder.

3. Buy a peculiar produce.

Make it a point to try a new vegetable or fruit every week. Go and grab something new and see where it will take you. You might find this exercise enjoyable.

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4. Do away with boring breakfast.

Breakfast is probably the only meal that can be a routine. A lot of people tend to eat the same thing every day. While this may work for some, there are others who feel bored as well as frustrated with eating the usual morning staple. Instead of sticking with the same breakfast, try switching to a meal that is less conventional. Give your taste buds something new by preparing an ethnic meal. You can opt for a vegetable salad or stir-fry that is filled with fiber instead of the usual omelet. Try making lunch or dinner meals and have them for breakfast.

5. Try eating lean protein.

Everyone knows that lean protein is essential in a healthy diet but no one really wants to grill their chicken all the time. Try lesser known lean proteins like ostrich, wild boar, rabbit, goat, elk, venison, wild boar, or bison. These foods are usually low in fat, have unique flavors, and can provide you with plenty of protein to curb your hunger.

6. Eat Al Fresco.

While taking a bite out of your meal, why not take in the scenery? Pack your picnic basket and go to the park. You can also pack your lunch and just go sightseeing. Even preparing dinner and eating outside can make the meal more enjoyable. Enjoying nature such as the beautiful foliage and fresh air, not to mention the chirping sounds of birds, are guaranteed to give you that extra joy as you eat.

7. Discover new restaurants.

Most restaurants these days are adding more to their menus and creating new meals for diners who are looking for healthier choices. Eat at a new restaurant and order something out of the normal meals. The best way for you to stick with your healthy choices is to look at the restaurant’s menu online and choose a healthy meal before hand or you can ask the server whether they have anything light to suggest.

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