The Life Saving Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Usually a smelly supplement highly concentrated in both Vitamins A and D ideal for sickly children or children that have a difficult time attaining fish or a more balanced diet and definitely for the elderly that grow more fragile every decade.

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Vitamin A Prevents Blood Clotting

Vitamin A maintains healthy skin, hair and nails- a good partner for Vitamin E enriched products as well.  This vitamin is a very powerful antioxidant neurological and immune functions, it is also an anti-inflammatory which makes it both a healing and beautifying/age-defying substance.  Vitamin A also helps “wake up” your cells, encouraging cellular function to be smooth and done properly therefore preventing mutations.

Also Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 is crucial for fighting cardiovascular diseases and cancers.  Linoleic acid is a fatty acid under the omega-3 family and is a cancer fighting substance also found in olive oil, coconut oil, evening primrose oil and many others but oily fish is one of the top sources- and delicious too.  It lowers the fat in your blood percentage which means it is a fat that is an anti-fat and greatly aids in preventing stroke and heart strain.  It also aids in asthma, memory improvement, baby development and overall smoother bodily detoxing capabilities.

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Vitamin D

            The sunshine Vitamin is also found in oily fish and pork fat itself and some plant life of course.   If you stay indoors too much or not even stay by a clear window every now and then you will feel a little withered.  Vitamin D is a key for unlocking Calcium and Phosphorous deposits in order for us to even be able to absorb Calcium.  It is vital for bone development and all these nutrients in cod liver oil help stabilize mood and depressive swings especially when combined with vitamins B complex and C.  Lowering risks for cancer and diabetes fish oils are mostly activated when one does not overeat or will perform at least a light physical activity.

 Cod liver and other enriched fish oil supplements are a fantastic replacement when fish and oily fish is not abundant, or allergies are barring one’s diet.  Fish oil is a superfood and contains high concentrations of nutrients that are of great help in many vital functions that holds our flame on the candle.  Its powerful combination of vitamin A, vitamin D, Omega-3 fatty acids and good cholesterol aid everything from blood cell production, blood pressure control, weight maintenance or loss, brain function, improved vision, healthier skin, hair and nails, more energy and endurance, more potent sexually, higher libido, inflammation even on joints, cardiovascular cancer fighter, colon and stomach cancer fighting and blood fat and blood cancer fighting as well.

This a great fat to feed off from especially when you are exercising more than you usually do.  Fish oils improve work out routines since they reduce heart strain acting as a strengthening lubricant for the heart valves.  Things like inflammation, heart disease and stress which can lead to depression and mood swings can all be prevented greatly with fish oil supplements, Vitamin C and a positive outlook.  All you have to do is research on what makes a balanced diet and customize your own personal food pyramid that also incorporates your favorite flavors and ingredients with a healthier compromise.  Choose your supplements wisely, make sure you are actually deficient in this nutrient or else just go for foods instead.

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