Health Benefits of Wall Climbing

One of the most popular extreme sports on the planet is rock climbing. That’s because it can be very challenging, plus it can put you in some form of danger if safety is thrown out of the picture. If you like to experience the thrill of wall climbing but not really into risking your life, it’s a wonderful idea for you to try wall climbing!

Done indoors, wall climbing can give you the adrenaline rush you need without jeopardizing your life — provided that you follow all safety precautions. Also known as indoor rock climbing, wall climbing is perfect for anyone regardless of the current fitness level because comes with varying levels of difficulty.

It is completely up to you to pick the wall’s height and steepness — ranging from completely vertical to nearly horizontal. The size and distances of the climbing holds to one another also determine how easy or difficult a particular wall is. Wall climbing can definitely give you the kind of challenge you need as you get better and better with it.

These days, more and more wall climbing facilities are available. Consider yourself very fortunate if the gym near your home or workplace offers this very popular sport. But even if you have to drive for a few miles, it’s still a wonderful idea to try your hands at wall climbing. Here are some of the benefits to enjoy from it:


It’s a Great Form of Cardio

Wall climbing gets your heart pumping and your lungs working double time, and this is why it’s an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Everyone knows that getting your regular dose of cardio is good for the body’s various systems and also for keeping the waistline from expanding. If you are looking for a really interesting and exciting alternative to jogging, bicycling or swimming, give wall climbing a try and you might fall in love with it!


It Strengthens Your Upper and Lower Body

You have to use your arms to hoist the rest of your body. You also have to employ your legs to take yourself higher. This is exactly the reason why wall climbing strengthens both your upper and lower body. All the muscles in your extremities are toned by this well-loved indoor sport, and that is why it can give you shapely arms and legs. Wall climbing is also good for working out your buttocks, upper back and shoulders.


It Makes You More Flexible

No matter if you are reaching for a box of breakfast cereal on the top shelf at your local supermarket or you are giving your car a good wash, being flexible is of utmost importance. It’s something that allows you to carry out all sorts of physical tasks efficiently and safely. Wall climbing is one of the many forms of exercise that helps increase your flexibility. It also allows you to improve your range of motion, keeping your joints mobile and strong at the same time.


It’s Very Good at Lowering Stress Levels

Everyone knows that one of the best stress-busters out there is exercise. Wall climbing helps considerably lower your stress levels because it requires you to focus on what you are currently doing — getting to the top. Just like with any other form of exercise, wall climbing promotes the production of more endorphins, or more popularly known as happy hormones. It’s for this reason why wall climbing can also help zap depression.


It Also Works Out Your Mind

Just like the muscles in your body, you need to exercise your brain on a regular basis to keep it strong. Wall climbing not only gives you physical challenges, but also mental ones. Right on the spot, you have to figure out which climbing holds to go for or which route to take in order for you to reach the top. Since wall climbing is practically just as extreme as rock climbing, it’s also something that can help you conquer your fears.

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