Foods to Prevent Gray Hair

Having grey hair is commonly associated with aging. However, did you know that it’s something that is not only brought about by genetics and the ticking of time? Certain nutritional deficiencies are also known to cause those unwelcome strands to show up. By making sure you are getting sufficient doses of vitamins and minerals, your mane can stay looking young.

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Don’t start scrambling for the nearest pharmacy or health food store to get your hands on a bottle of supplements touted to ward off grey hairs. There is a better way to maintain the beauty of your tresses without popping any pill in your mouth, and that is by minding what you eat. Read on to know some foods known to help keep those unsightly gray strands at bay.


Berries are revered for their loads of vitamin C content. An antioxidant, vitamin C is necessary for healthy skin and hair. This nutrient promotes collagen production as well as neutralizes excess free radicals that accelerate the aging process. Since gray hairs are linked to aging, eating lots of berries can keep them from showing up and making you look old.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Everyone knows that leafy green vegetables are loaded with antioxidants and dietary fiber. They also contain B vitamins necessary for superb scalp health. Naturally, nourishing the scalp is a great way to keep all sorts of hair issues at bay — including graying. Vitamin B12 in leafy greens is necessary for healthy hormone production that helps ward off gray hairs.

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Omega-3 fatty acids and protein in salmon makes this pink-fleshed seafood good for the health. Its regular consumption is also good for your mane, thanks to its selenium content. Selenium is a mineral necessary for proper hormone production of the body. As a bonus, the antioxidant property of selenium also helps protect the cells from free radical activity.


Copper is a mineral known to promote the production of melanin, the dark pigment that gives skin and hair their color. Eating chocolates, particularly the semisweet kinds, may help keep those unwelcome grays out of the picture as they contain copper. The consumption of chocolates is a sumptuous way to keep gray hairs from marring your crowning glory.


Just like chocolates, almonds contain copper necessary for melanin production. Every serving of almonds also supplies your body with vitamin E, a nutrient known to promote not only healthy skin and nails but hair as well.

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