8 Home Remedies for Headaches and Migraine

There are numerous things that can trigger a headache or migraine attack — from extremes in temperature, panic attacks to dehydration. No matter if the pulsating or pounding type, or regardless if mild or severe, the problem is very common. Prior to popping a pill in your mouth and potentially end up with unfavorable side effects, you might want to consider an all-natural remedy first. Read on to know 8 different ones that can put an end to that headache or migraine.

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Peppermint Oil

Each time stress is causing your head to throb with pain, grab a bottle of peppermint oil. This minty essential oil helps in improving blood flow to the head, thereby putting a stop to your dilemma effectively and naturally. You can harness the stress-reliving prowess of peppermint oil by sniffing it or applying some of it on your temples.

Lavender Oil

Other than smelling fantastic, lavender oil is an effective headache- or migraine-buster. Unlike other essential oils, it may be applied topically without prior dilution. Apply some lavender oil on the temples or across the forehead.

Basil Oil

Another all-natural solution for headache or migraine caused by stress is basil oil. Apart from making your dishes exude that Italian vibe, basil oil is also an effective remedy for tensed muscles. Massage on the temples and the back of your neck.

Ground Flaxseeds or Flaxseed Oil

If inflammation of the throat or sinuses is giving you a headache, take a tablespoon of ground flaxseed up to 3 times a day. Flaxseed is known to possess superb anti-inflammatory properties. When cooking, you may also use flaxseed oil.


Many people swear by the effectiveness of feverfew in keeping migraine at bay. You may take up to 3 small leaves of this herb daily. You may also step foot inside the local health food store and buy feverfew tablets or freeze-dried capsules.


Antioxidants in buckwheat help protect the cells from damage as well as make inflammation go away. Include in your everyday diet all sorts of baked goodies made with buckwheat. Get your hands on a pillow stuffed with buckwheat hulls, something that has helped a lot of people steer clear of frequent migraine attacks.

Scalp Massage

Undergoing a DIY scalp massage is a great way to relax those tensed muscles as well as promote blood circulation. Experts say that you should pay special attention to the base of the skull at the back of your head.

Diet Changes

Keep a food diary to determine trigger foods. It’s also a good idea to avoid certain food items that are known to cause headaches or migraine attacks in some people. They include chocolates, peanut butter and dairy products. Processed meats and fermented items should also be avoided. Limit your intake of red wine, onions, avocados, bananas and citrus fruits.

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