8 Important Beauty Tips for Halloween

Who doesn’t love Halloween? Yummy sugary sweets, trick or treats, parties and of course dressing up. Planning to go as a zombie or a steam punk hottie or your favorite character? Fake blood, white foundation and basic beauty tips for Halloween are here. Read on to find out some helpful tips to get you revved up for next Halloween.

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Here are some beauty tips to help you get prepared for Halloween:

Cosmetic Grade:
Choose a cosmetic grade that your face is comfortable with, some cheap products can irritate the skin. Since you are wearing costume makeup this means you have to wear it for a long time. So, pick one that will last and not irritate your skin

Try it out:
Before the Halloween party try out the look you want to achieve. Full on costume and makeup. Doing this can help you determine the time it will take for you to put on everything and problems that may arise during that timer. Testing out your makeup beforehand can help you determine if it will stay all night, consider the location and environment. Pick costumes that won’t cause you to dehydrate from sweating or cause you to get hypothermia. Pick makeup products that won’t wash out with sweat.

Matte Makeup:
Use matte eye shadow when creating your zombie looks. You can create fake bruises, discoloration and infections with matte makeup.

Let It Stay:
Invest in a good makeup sealer for the face; this will prevent the makeup from fading. When you have makeup on your body, lightly brush the skin with translucent powder and mist it with hair spray.

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Use lipstick to create details to your look. Lipsticks are long lasting and can create a blood-like streak on the skin.

Makeup Remover:
Don’t forget to wipe off your ghoulish makeup before hitting the sack. Find a good makeup remover that can seep through the skin and remove bulky makeup.

Exfoliate the Day After:
The skin has been covered with thick makeup the day before, so the day after is the best time to exfoliate it. There will build up and dead skin cells on the skin after the Halloween madness. Exfoliate, as soon as you can prevent irritation and breakouts.

Experiment and Go crazy:
It’s Halloween! Do what you want, be that half lizard and half zombie hybrid you want to be. Halloween is a time for creativity.

Halloween is a great time to enjoy with your friends and family. Let your creativity show and experiment with your costume and makeup.

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