Health Benefits of Chilean Hazel

Chilean hazel comes from a tree having the same name and is native to Chile. However, it can also be found thriving in neighboring areas. It’s also now being widely grown in New Zealand and certain parts of the US.

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The said tree is loved by bees for its tiny beige flowers that are excellent for making honey. It’s also for its adorable blooms and red-colored berries why the Chilean hazel tree is cultivated for ornamental reasons.

Going back to Chilean hazel, it can be eaten raw although a lot of people prefer it to have it boiled or roasted first. What makes it especially great for human consumption is the fact that it’s rich in healthy oils. And just like most other nuts, Chilean hazel supplies the body with impressive amounts of fiber and protein.

So without further ado, let’s check out some of the most noteworthy health benefits of Chilean hazel:

It Improves Heart Health

Because it contains healthy fat, Chilean hazel’s regular consumption can be very helpful in warding off heart disease. The nut helps control inflammation, thus saving the arteries from being susceptible to plaque accumulation. Chilean hazel contains antioxidants, too, that help in the lowering of the levels of bad cholesterol.

It Keeps the Joints Pain-Free

Due to the fact that Chilean hazel contains healthy fat with anti-inflammatory properties, it can be regarded as a superfood for individuals who are regularly bugged by achy and swollen joints. Other than keeping inflammation from striking, healthy fat in Chilean hazel also helps promote optimum condition of the tissues situated in the joints.

It Prevents Constipation

Fiber is one of the most abundant nutrients found in Chilean hazel. It’s exactly for this reason why snacking on this nut on a regular basis can help promote regular movement of the bowels. Supplying the body with good amounts of fiber also helps promote heart health, especially when paired with healthy diet and lifestyle.

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It Promotes a Healthier Gut

Another benefit that one can obtain from consuming fiber-rich foods like Chilean hazel is the promotion of gut health. It is for the fact that fiber helps in the proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. These microbes, experts say, are responsible for the production of certain nutrients as well as the improvement of mood and immunity.

It Helps Reduce Weight

Especially when taken in moderate amounts, Chilean hazel can actually help encourage weight reduction. That’s because it has healthy fat and fiber, both of which help in warding off food cravings. Also, Chilean hazel contains good amounts of protein which requires for a lot of calories to be burned just for it to be digested.

It Encourages Muscle Building

Protein in Chilean hazel is also important for building muscles. Having strong and large muscles are perfect for individuals who engage in physical activities, most especially strenuous ones. It’s also great for those who want to keep unwanted pounds at bay because muscles do burn lots of calories whether the body is on the go or at rest.

It Supports Overall Health

Aside from building muscles, protein actually plays so many other roles important for the attainment of superb health. For instance, the said nutrient found abundantly in Chilean hazel helps in the production of certain hormones and enzymes, which are chemicals that facilitate all sorts of bodily processes.

It Helps Beautify Skin

Chilean hazel is also rich in vitamin E, a nutrient slash antioxidant that’s good for the skin. It’s no wonder why numerous skincare products on the planet have Chilean hazel in them. By the way, vitamin E in Chilean hazel is also important for keeping your ticker in an excellent shape, experts say.

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