Do You Like Cracking Your Neck? Here’s What Really Happens Each Time!

Cracking your neck feels good. But did you know it’s actually bad for you? The fact is this act loved by many can cause all sorts of problems, such as neck pain and even a stroke! It may seem like cracking your neck is a harmless compulsion, but the truth is its actually putting your wellbeing on the line.

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Do you even know why that cracking or popping sound occurs when you move your neck in a certain way? It’s actually caused by a bubble of air produced in the synovial fluid — viscous fluid that serves as a lubricant that facilitate sthe movement of joints. In other words, there is synovial fluid in between every little bone situated in your neck.

So here’s what really happens each time you crack your neck: whenever you stretch the joints in your neck, a bubble of air is formed in the synovial fluid. Moving your neck further causes this air bubble to pop, and that’s why you hear a cracking or popping sound. If you are a pro neck-cracker, you know that it is accompanied by a good feeling.

However, that good feeling associated with cracking your neck can come with a steep price to pay. Eventually, you may end up with more neck pain. It’s not uncommon for you to crack your neck each time it feels tight and tensed. Cracking it can give you that feeling that the muscles are loosened, but eventually your neck may hurt even further!

Experts say that cracking your neck is a no-no. That’s because it can do more harm than good, so it is a good idea to turn your back on this hobby as soon as possible. Otherwise, it may be too late for you to realize that cracking your neck is, after all, a real pain in the neck due to all the negative things it comes with.

What’s the worst thing that could happen to you if you cannot ditch the habit? A stroke! It may be heard to believe, but the reason behind it will show you that a seemingly-harmless act can actually impede blood flow to a part of your brain. It’s not a good thing because your brain cells could die in less than 5 minutes after the supply of oxygen to them is cut off.

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Here’s why cracking your neck can cause a stroke: it is possible for a tiny tear to develop in the wall of an artery running through your neck. This damaged area can cause blood to clot. You may have read somewhere before that a blood clot in the blood vessels is not a good thing for it may get lodged in an artery in the brain, causing a stroke.

Ending up with a stroke due to neck cracking is the worst case scenario. If you don’t end up with a blood clot that can lead to a stroke, you may suffer from a handful of other problems associated with neck cracking. Knowing what they are will make it clearer why the habit you cannot seem to let go of should be ditched this instant!

Something that makes you feel good can leave you with neck pain in the long run, say the experts. Cracking your neck can cause the ligaments in the area to get stretched unnecessarily. Eventually, they may weaken and end up incapable of supporting the bones in your neck. When this happens, neck pain ensues!

No amount of neck cracking will be able to provide relief from neck pain caused by your bad habit. Rest and an ice pack can help provide relief from neck pain. You might be tempted to constantly take painkillers, but those pills can come with all sorts of side effects. The best way to keep such neck problem from striking is by abandoning neck cracking.

You might think that cracking your neck is something similar to what a chiropractor does, so it must not be that bad. Well, think again. A chiropractor is a trained professional who will realign your spine, not crack it. In other words, don’t assume that cracking your neck at home is like being in a chiropractor’s office!

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