Pros and Cons of Shaving Body Hair


Pros and Cons of Shaving Body Hair

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Shaving can be a great solution to end the unwanted body hair dilemma for women. Razor shaving is considered one of the most classic and oldest ways to remove body hair. In order to fully combat body hair, check out the advantages and disadvantages of shaving.


1. Fast. Shaving is a great time saver. You can get rid of all the unwanted hair in less than 10 minutes.

2. It’s also super easy. All you need to have is a new sharp razor, shaving cream or even shower gel and you’re ready to shave.

3. Painless body hair removal is what most women are looking for. Just run a razor on your legs, armpits or hands and kiss the unwanted hair goodbye.

4. It’s just perfect if you’re on the go, as it is not chaotic and won’t leave any mess behind.

5. Cheap, affordable and always available. You can find razors at the drugstore, or even at the nearest supermarket to your house.


1. It leaves ingrown hairs. Razor shaving causes the hair follicle to change its growth direction, leaving it trapped under your skin which leads to the presence of ingrown hairs.

2. Shaving is not always suitable for all skin types. Extra sensitive skin can get easily irritated right after you shave, since shaving removes a very thin layer of your skin along the process.

3. Repetitive usage of a razor causes red or dark spots. If you shave you regularly, you will end up removing hair on the surface of your skin and not from the roots, which can leave dark spots on your skin. Also red and itchy skin can be a result of shaving and not mositurizing your skin enough.

4. The effect of body hair removal by shaving can only last for week as maximum. After shaving, hair tends to appear faster and drier. (P.S. Hair tends to grow faster during and right before your period.)

5. Shaving might not be very safe. While shaving, you can unintentionally hurt or harm yourself when the blade is too sharp or you’re not completely focused.

* Experiment the razor on a very small and insensitive part of your body first before you go further so you don’t end up with flaky or itchy skin.

* It’s preferable that you use the razor only once so you don’t transfer any disease. Try to use the shaving technique merely in the case of emergencies.

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