Foods that Help Relieve Pain

Whenever we feel pain, we reach for a drug or a pain reliever to soothe the pain but the bad thing is that it is full of harmful chemicals, while these foods with anti-inflammatory effect don’t. Keep this all in mind for the next time you feel pain.

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What exact role does caffeine play in combating pain? It distracts your body from feeling pain during a task. Obviously, drinking coffee is how you get caffeine. But, there are other foods to consume that have, caffeine such as chocolate, tea, and soft drinks.

Fish Oil:
It has been reported that fish oil or Omega-3 fatty acids reduce stiffness and pain. Fish oil, as the name suggests, can be found in fish foods such as halibut, tuna, and salmon. A food that equally contains fish oil is flax seeds. Combining flax seeds with your favorite foods may introduce to you a different taste and at the same time, overcomes the pain.

When a ginger was examined in a laboratory, it has been discovered that ginger has compounds which come to blows against inflammation, a primary source of pain. If you’re someone with a very active lifestyle or an athlete suffering from muscle aches, then this is particularly recommended for you.

Olive Oil:
Why do people who practice a Mediterranean diet have fewer health conditions all of which are related to inflammation? The Mediterranean diet is rich in olive oil, that’s why. Olive oil basically works as a pain reliever. It also comes with a bonus that of reducing the risks of cancer. So for the next time you make salad dressings and feel painful, use olive oil.

Sage is the herb that can kick the backside of whatever causes health conditions. Aside from its abilities to combat pain, it also enhances the memory. It has been medically proven! Brew sage leaves in boiling water and drink the refreshing tea to successfully fight pain.

Another kind of hot pepper is the cousin of chili, cayenne. A basic ingredient used in pain killers is capsaicin, which cayenne is high in.

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