Beauty Uses of Lily Essential Oil

Other than being highly beautiful and fragrant flowers, did you know that lilies have therapeutic properties, too? This is exactly the reason why lily essential oil which is obtained from the eye-catching blooms can be used for a variety of health and beauty purposes — from easing depression to reducing skin aging signs.

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Unlike most other essential oils out there, lily essential oil is not obtained from lilies via the process of distillation. Due to the very delicate nature of the flowers, producers of lily essential oils perform what’s called enfleurage. Basically, it involves the use of odorless fats in extracting the beneficial oils in lilies.

Because enfleurage is a rather complicated process, a bottle of lily essential oil may be a little costlier than other types of essential oils. Adding to the cost is the fact that a lot of lilies have to undergo enfleurage just to obtain a decent amount of oils. However, you can rest assured that the benefits offered can outweigh the cost.

One of the most popular uses of lily essential oil is skin beautification. That is why it is commonly added to all sorts of personal care items, including most especially anti-aging ones. Definitely, you can find a lot of perfumes on the current market that have lily essential oil in them — lily essential oil smells just like the flowers themselves!

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Rather than buy various pricey beauty products, a lot of women prefer to opt for lily essential oil. The product may be mixed with a bunch of other oils such as calendula essential oil, resulting in something that’s perfect for sensitive skin. Some women add a few drops of lily essential oil in their bathwater for stress relief.

Of course it is a phenomenal idea to have a diffuser at home if you want to take advantage of beneficial oils such as lily essential oil. Filling the air with the smell of lily essential oil can help relax your body and mind. In fact, it can help in reducing palpitations — lilies, after all, are traditionally used for regulating the heart rate.

Since lily essential oil doesn’t really come with a steep price tag, always combine it with the carrier oil of your choice to make a bottle of the product go a long, long way. Opt for carrier oil whose aroma won’t eclipse the unmistakable sweet smell of lily essential oil — or something that goes very well with the lovely smell of lily essential oil.


Here’s a rundown of some of the most amazing beauty uses of lily essential oil:

  • It keeps the skin moisturized. A drop or two of lily essential oil in your preferred brand or formulation of hand and body lotion can help stave off excessive skin dryness and the symptoms associated with it, such as skin tightness, itchiness and flaking.
  • It’s a great eye cream replacement. The combination of lily essential oil and calendula essential oil results in an all-natural remedy for various cosmetic issues regarding the eyes, such as dark circles and crow’s feet.
  • It helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Crow’s feet are not the only concerns that lily essential oil together with calendula essential oil can solve. The blend of the said essential oils is also good for laugh lines, furrows between the eyebrows and the ridges across the forehead.
  • It eliminates spider veins. A lot of women swear by the effectiveness of lily essential oil against spider veins — tiny blood vessels near the surface of the skin, resembling the legs of spiders.
  • It’s great for softening the hair. Adding a few drops of lily essential oil to your favorite shampoo or conditioner helps you enjoy mane that’s so soft and sweet-smelling. You may also add a little lily essential oil to coconut, almond or extra virgin olive oil, and use it as a hot-oil treatment for your tresses.
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