Cordyceps: Get to Know the Health Benefits of This Fungus

A lot of people mistake cordyceps for a mushroom but it’s not. The other common name for it, which is caterpillar mushroom, says it all — it’s actually a moth caterpillar killed and mummified by parasitic fungus. What makes cordyceps even more attention-grabbing is the fact that it contains biochemicals with superb pharmacological properties.

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For centuries now, cordyceps has been employed widely in Asian traditional healing, most especially Chinese medicine. It is primarily used for the promotion of general health. However, it is also known to be effective in dealing with an assortment of medical problems, ranging from bronchitis, anemia to sexual dysfunction.

While it is a fact that that the parasitic fungus responsible for the formation of cordyceps are native to China and Tibet, cordyceps can be purchased from select health food stores all over the planet. It’s usually available the form of capsules, tablet and liquid extracts, as well as whole cordyceps that may be added to soups to make them not only healthier but also tastier. Cordyceps may also be steeped in hot water, turning it into tea that offers health benefits.

The following are some of the most impressive things that cordyceps can do:

It Combats Fatigue and Increases Energy Levels

Whether you are a seasoned athlete or an industrious office worker, you can count on cordyceps to put an end to fatigue and boost your vitality. That’s because it is proven to increase the body’s uptake of oxygen, giving the cells all the fuel they need for the production of energy.

Cordyceps is Beneficial for People with Asthma and Bronchitis

Needless to say, cordyceps can help deal with the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis as it promotes increased oxygen uptake. It’s something that promotes normal levels of oxygen in the blood despite of upper airway obstruction. With enough oxygen in the blood, weakness associated with asthma and bronchitis can be managed.

The Fungus Helps in Reinforcing Your Body’s Defenses

Studies have shown that cordyceps is capable of encouraging the production of the so-called NK cells, which are very important components of your immune system. Short for natural killer cells, NK cells immediately spring into action when the body is invaded by microbes that cause all sorts of diseases.

It May Help Prevent Deadly Cancer

Certain biochemicals found abundantly in cordyceps may help prevent and even reverse cancer, according to experts. In fact, some studies have shown that cordyceps is effective in reducing the size of tumors. It’s because the said fungus can slow down the multiplication and spread of cancer cells.

It’s an Excellent Fighter of Various Skin Aging Signs

Those who are on the hunt for an all-natural and super effective remedy for skin aging signs may turn to cordyceps. Due to the impressive amounts of antioxidants in it, cordyceps can help shield the skin cells from being wrecked by harmful free radicals, resulting in skin that’s free of wrinkles, liver spots and other cosmetic nightmares.

Cordyceps is Very Beneficial for Men with Sexual Dysfunction

One of the most common uses of cordyceps is the management of sexual dysfunction in men. Numerous studies have shown that men whose libidos are considerably decreased have obtained improvements in their sex lives after supplementing with cordyceps.

This Fungus Helps Lower the Levels of Bad Cholesterol

Studies say that cordyceps is capable of increasing good cholesterol, which results in the decrease of bad cholesterol levels. You don’t want to have increased bad cholesterol because it is something that can clog up the arteries and cause a rise in the blood pressure, putting you at risk of having heart disease.

It Helps in Flushing Impurities Out of the Body

Experts say that the intake of cordyceps helps in the effective removal of poisonous substances and other impurities in the body via the urine. It’s for this particular capability of cordyceps why it is also used being used by traditional healers in treating certain types of kidney disorders.

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