Easy Ginger Tea Recipe For Cold, Cough And Flu

Running a fever? Experiencing body aches, sore throat and a nasty cough? This indeed sounds like the flu and given all those symptoms, no one really wants to feel under the weather. There are so many cough, colds and flu remedies out in the market, but most of those are riddled with chemicals that one is better off not putting into the body. But the good thing is flu and an array of other ailments can be treated naturally, even without the use of commercially made medicines.

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There are still a lot to know when it comes to the healing powers of natural ingredients. But this much is proven true—tea has many medical benefits and so is ginger. Tea is known for a slew of health benefits—it helps lower your risk of heart attacks, stroke and also protects against cancer. It ups the body’s immune system, has antioxidant properties, has considerably less caffeine content than coffee and lastly it helps protect your bones. On the other hand, ginger is proven easy on digestion; it helps in combating asthma and certain cancers. It also helps cure nausea, helps clear up the sinuses and gets rid of nose and throat congestion.  That being said, a combination of the two will surely result to one kickass product that can help cure a few ailments.

Below is a proven ginger tea recipe that can help clear your colds, cough and flu symptoms:


One-piece ginger

10 pcs of tulsi leaves

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½ tsp of tea powder

Sugar (as needed)


Start by coarsely crushing both the ginger and tulsi leaves. Pour 1 cup of water in a pan and place it under heat. When the water starts boiling, add the tea powder, the garlic and the tulsi. Turn off the heat and switch the stove afterwards. Strain into a cup. Add a pinch of sugar to suit your own taste.

With this tasty and easy to make concoction designed to take care of your cough, colds and flu symptoms, you are sure to be back in your usual element in no time.

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