Fifteen Reasons Why You Should Quit Smoking

Cigarette smoking and tobacco smoking have been around for decades and is not just a passing trend. The cigarette industry takes in millions every year and each person who smokes contributes to this. Lung Cancer is the number one death causing cancer so far and one of the leading causes of lung cancer is smoking and/or second hand smoking. Most people who smoke are aware of the causes of smoking to their body. It is a known fact that smoking is not good for the health, and still people are unable to stop. Here are fifteen reasons why you should quit smoking.

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Non-Health Related Reasons

1. Less Money on Cigarettes, More money on the Bank

If you smoke 5-10 sticks a day, that would make 35-70 stick a week, 155-310 sticks a month. You would have spent at least 5% of your monthly income just for cigarettes. This money you have spent on cigarettes could have been saved up and used for something more important. A few months without cigarette, you could have saved for a car, your children’s college fund, additional food for your family, a gift for your wife or girlfriend or a well-deserved vacation in a tropical country.

2. Possible bonus at work

Some corporations have smoking cessation programs where employees who stopped smoking are given additional incentives.

3. No more restriction

There are bars and restaurants which are 100% smoke free all over the globe. Being smoke free yourself will increase your chances to be in these bars and restaurants, especially when you travel.

4. No more clutter

Cessation from smoking can increase the space in your purse or pocket, since you don’t have to bring your cigarettes, matches/lighters, additional breath mints (though you still need to bring these, you don’t need to bring a dozen pack anymore) and other smoking necessities.

5. Mother Nature will be Thankful

If you don’t smoke, the environment will take in less pollution, thus lessening the damage on the ozone layer.

6. Less Chances of Fire

If you quit smoking, the only chance of fire will be due to your hot ass because you look so good after quitting.

Health Related Reasons

7. Healthy Lungs

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One of the main causes of lung cancer is smoking and/or second hand smoking. By quitting smoking, you are saving the lungs of the people around you and your own.

8. Nice and Pearly Whites

When you smoke, your teeth are also affected. The nicotine stains your teeth or your dentures. Quitting smoking will lessen the further staining for a more healthy and friendly looking smile.

9. Decrease Heart Problems

Since smoking constricts you blood vessels, which affects your hearts ability to pump blood. Since the organs need adequate amount of blood to function, and your vessels are constricted, your heart will pump more blood than usual, which might cause straining of the heart.

10. Lesser chance of Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by the clogging of the vessels due to decrease viscosity of the blood which may be caused by the nicotine in the cigarettes. Quitting smoking will decrease chances of diabetes.

11. Reynaud’s Disease

Reynaud’s Disease causes the extremities to feel numb and cold especially when exposed to very low temperature. Not enough blood can flow to these parts of the body because the vessels are constricted due to smoking.

12. Buerger’s Disease

Buerger’s Disease is an inflammation mostly to the legs which causes bluish discoloration to the fingers. This disease can also be due to smoking.

13. Less chances of Impotence
Since smoking affects circulation, males who smoke may experience impotence where erection is difficult to achieve since blood cannot flow easily to the genitals.

14. Birth Control in Control

Most pills used for birth control are not allowed to be given to women who smoke. This alters the effects of the drug to the body.

15. Menopause

Most women who starts smoking at a younger age may find their menopausal time arrive earlier.

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