Splurge on these Skin Secrets

You don’t need to skin yourself alive to lighten your skin

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Perhaps the reason why people pay so much attention to the skin is that it is the first thing other people see. We are defined by what people see in us.

Keeping a healthy skin is not a scientific feat. It is as easy as opening your eyelids. What you need is the right combination of foods. Creams, oils, and other beauty products do help. But for an authentic healthy skin experience, the best course to take is to nourish the skin from the inside.

In fact, creams and other skin products’ effects are maximized when combined with the right kinds of food.


We have been hearing about the wonders of almonds. They are not only great with chocolates but also with hair. Now, let’s see what this nut offers the skin.

Good fats and antioxidants provide essential oils. They also help in skin whitening. Symptoms of skin diseases like psoriasis, and eczema are reduced with almonds.


Being exposed to sun causes massive skin damage. Vitamin C promotes skin protection. Antioxidants in tomatoes also protect the body from environmental factors that threaten the immune system.


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Omega-4 fatty acids from salmon are essential in giving skin protection from numerous ailments. It is a great source of proteins and healthy fats. These two factors make the skin healthy. Nutrients from other foods are absorbed faster with salmon.


Free radicals don’t stand a chance with berries. They contain antioxidants which are effective against free radicals that impede the skin cells’ function. Anti-inflammatory agents help in making the skin smooth and aglow.


Along with other fruits such as apples and melons, pears are a good choice for a healthier looking skin.


Cells need hydration. Water Hydrates.

Water is the major factor you will need to keep your cells healthy. A well hydrated cell allows good skin cell metabolism.

Relying on chemicals to improve your skin tone is as good as getting you skinned. Start chewing on these healthy goodies that will sure improve your skin health among may other benefits.

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