Home Remedies to Get Rid of Chapped Lips

Unattractive flaky lips are next in line to pimples when it comes to everything annoying. The lips tend to get dry during cold weather. There are common household items with their hands crossed and ready to lend a helping hand to restore your lips back to its former glory.

But first, what causes this annoyance? As mentioned above, cold weather is one cause. What are the other factors? When your lips do not meet up with fluid for a couple of hours and you do not occasionally wet your lips, you may end up having chapped lips. While wetting the lips keeps it lubricated, excessive licking is bad as it could remove a film in the surface of the lips that provide protection against moisture. Evaporation of natural oils off the lips is another cause, so stop smoking obviously.

Here are some home remedies you can use to get rid of chapped lips.

– Completely wet a washcloth with warm water. And then, rub it over your lips.

– There is also another home remedy. Apply a small amount of olive oil on a paper towel before blotting it on your lips and reapply as much as you want. If olive oil doesn’t work, coconut oil can be a very effective alternative.

– Eat more vegetables and fruits to restore the body’s pH to an appropriate alkaline state. A body in acidic state may cause chapped lips.

– As a replacement for ingesting cucumber, how about rubbing it on chapped lips? It may sound uncanny but it actually does work. Cut slices and hold on lips. The water from the cucumber would soothe the dryness.

– If you want your kissers to be smooth and pink once more, you can also try to apply castor oil. Another great moisturizer is honey.

It may be tempting and give a strange satisfying sensation to bite and pluck off pieces of your chapped lips, but actually no, it causes more chapping.

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