Foods to Avoid If You Have Arthritis

Taking the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that your doctor has prescribed can help deal with the various symptoms or arthritis such as joint pain and inflammation. Minding what you eat is also important in order to avoid exacerbating the problem as well as flare ups.

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Honestly, there’s no cure for arthritis and there’s no specific guideline on what an arthritis diet should be. There are certain foods, however, that are known to make the condition’s symptoms worse or cause the problem to ruin your day. If you are suffering from arthritis, do yourself a favor and continue reading. The following are some of the foods that you should never place in front of you in order to enjoy pain- and inflammation-free joints:

Nightshade Veggies
White potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes, bell peppers and chilies — all of these are members of the nightshade family of vegetables. Even though they are clearly healthy, all of them are known to be bad for sufferers of arthritis and autoimmune diseases because they cause inflammation. Munch on any one of these nightshade vegetables and it’s very likely for you to end up with stiff, swollen and achy joints.

Red Meat
Having 1 to 2 servings of red meat a week is fine as it allows you to obtain all the iron and protein you need. It’s a good idea to avoid taking no more than the suggested serving because red meat is a rich source of omega-6 fatty acids. Also known as arachidonic acid, this nutrient is known to aggravate joint pain and swelling.

Fried Foods
Anything that’s deep fried should be avoided if you are bugged by arthritis — including those that are fried in vegetable oils. That’s because vegetable oils are packed with omega-6 fatty acids. Just like what’s mentioned above, omega-6 fatty acids will only exacerbate your condition. Among all the vegetable oils on the planet, olive oil has the lowest amount of omega-6 fatty acids. The problem with olive oil is it has a low smoking point — high temperatures can spoil it.

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Processed Foods
Chemicals in processed foods can trigger inflammation, and this aggravates the symptoms of arthritis. When shopping at your local supermarket, stay away from aisles where the processed foods are and head to the fresh produce section. Hitting the local farmers’ market is certainly a smart move to keep arthritis at bay.

Dairy Products
It’s true that dairy products supply your body with protein. However, the type of protein they contain may exacerbate arthritis because of the irritating impact they have on tissues surrounding joints. Luckily, there are plenty of vegetables that are also loaded with protein such as beans, tofu, spinach and nuts.

Sugary Beverages
They may taste sweet but they will surely leave you feeling bitter once their nasty impact on arthritis shows up. Sugary beverages — including natural fruit juices which tend to have lots of sugar naturally — can cause inflammation, thus worsening the symptoms of arthritis. Opt for plain water and herbal teas. Natural fruit juices diluted with equal amounts of water is fine, although orange juice is a no-no.

Even though it’s hard to part ways with your favorite java, it has to be done because coffee causes your body to become acidic, something which leads to inflammation and ultimately the exacerbation of arthritis. Decaffeinated coffee should also be dodged as it may still cause problems. Opt for green tea or various herbal teas instead.

Alcoholic Drinks
It’s no secret that drinking too much alcohol has all sorts of negative impact on your health. Alcoholism can also worsen arthritis as it causes inflammation. Even if you don’t have arthritis, it’s a good idea to limit your alcohol intake as too much of it puts you at risk of suffering from arthritis, in particular gout.

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