Fun Workout Ideas You Should Try

Exercise is an important part of your fitness routine but doing the same workout over and over again can be boring. But before you die of boredom or lose interest in staying fit and healthy, why not add fun to your workouts? Exercising shouldn’t all be sweat and seriousness because you can still have fun while getting your heart rate up and strengthening and toning your muscles. How will you be able to do this? Well, here are some fun workout ideas that you should definitely try out.

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  • Trapeze Class. Have you always wanted to feel what it’s like to be airborn? Well, signing up for a trapeze class is just one way to get that adrenalin rush you’re looking for but with the added benefit of toning your upper arms. Not bad right?
  • Popsicle Stick Workout. A little bit of creativity will go a long way when it comes to beefing up your exercise for the day and one way to do this is to use popsicle sticks. It would be better if you color code each muscle group so you will know that you are working your entire body. Using a marker, write down the exercises for each muscle group and write the number of reps or sets for each one. Place them in a cup the pick one with your eyes closed. Perform the exercise indicated on the stick.
  • Kettlebell Cardio. If your cardio workouts are becoming too boring for you, add a kettlebell to your exercise routine and feel the burn. You’ll find your cardio exercises more challenging than usual and you will be sweating tons in no time.
  • Couple’s Workout. We always think that working out means flying solo but why not ask your partner to join in on the fun? There are many couple’s workout that you can do such as back to back, 1 arm rotating squats, plank high 5’s, and hop over the plank. Not only will you burn calories in the process but you’re also making your bond stronger with one another. Also, you’ll see your fitness routine as a fun time together especially when you challenge one another in the process.
  • Cardio Kickboxing. Do you need to step it up with your cardio exercises? How about doing cardio kickboxing? This is completely different from the traditional kickboxing workout as the cardio kickboxing is a combination of music and fast movements that will leave you breathless but exhilirated in the process. This is a high intensity workout so get ready to burn some serious calories.
  • Exercise Cards. Here’s another fun way to make your exercises more interesting. Go and get yourself a pack of exercise cards. What you’ll love about this deck of cards is that it contains detailed explanation of the exercise that you are going to do. This means that even if you haven’t encountered that exercise yet, you will learn something new in the process. So go ahead and check this one out.
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