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Healing Weeds That May Be Growing in Your Backyard

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Our ancestors have been turning to nature to help with their illnesses, but with the approach of modern times, most of us are relying heavily on medications that are actually doing more harm than good. Fortunately, a decade or so, people have started to get in touch with herbal remedies once more. The problem though is that some of these weeds are considered dangerous such as cannabis, ayahuasca, and ibogaine just to name a few. But if you look closely at your backyard, you might see some weeds that can be good for you such as:

Red clover

Seeing some red clovers in your garden is a great thing because you have easy access to a good source of isoflavones which work just like the female hormones in your body. Doctors have studied the effects of red clover for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes which have alleviated them significantly. However, those who have a history of cancer may not use this remedy.


This weed actually makes a nice addition to your salad as it is packed with nutrients that can help nourish your glandular as well as lymph systems. Chickweed has been found to reduce fever, cysts, and even inflammation. What else can you get from this plant? If you have an acidic digestive system, eating chickweed may help alleviate the problem and even controlling the growth of yeast and even fatty deposits too.

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Milk thistle

It appears that milk thistle can help treat liver damage caused by alcohol consumption. There are certain substances found in milk thistle, such as silymarin, which can protect the liver when you overdose on Tylenol or other medications. You can also use this as a treatment for the poison found in deathcap mushroom.


This weed may be the most hated in any garden, but you might be surprised that it is a natural diuretic. Dandelions are packed with potassium which can be flushed from the body through urination. If you have eczema, you will find that applying this weed topically will be able to help alleviate the symptoms, and if you drink it, any intestinal issues or arthritis flare ups will be handled easily.

Weeds may grow unexpectedly in your garden, but instead of removing them, it pays to know more about them and whether they have any health benefits to offer.

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