5 Things You Need to Know About Gluten

Gluten is a Protein

Wheat naturally contains gluten. Spelt, faro, kamut, and bulgur along other grains like rye and barley are some of the other sources. Other products like salad dressings, vitamins, lip balm, and seasoning mixes are all sources of gluten. Avoiding wheat products is not the only way to go gluten-free. Check other products’ label as well.

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Gluten is Not in Every Type of Grain

People carelessly confess to gluten being found in grains, but this is not the case. Unless contaminated with wheat during their processing, products like popcorn, corn, rice, quinoa, sorghum teff, oats, buckwheat, and millet are natural products that are gluten-free.

As long as the right amount is kept, whole grains that are gluten-free are loaded with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and fiber. They are great aids in the process of losing weight.

Gluten-free Foods Can Be Processed, Too

With the trend of gluten-free campaign at the front seat of health and wellness, everybody in the food industry pasted ‘gluten-free’ on their products’ labels. To really check whether an item is gluten-free, read the labels. The ingredients must be something like those you can find in your kitchen. For grains, check whether they are whole grains—their fibers are still intact along with their nutrients.

Some people are gluten sensitive. When consumed, gluten causes flu-like feelings, gastrointestinal problems, fatigue, and fogginess. Monitor what you eat and determine whether you are gluten sensitive.

When taken to an extreme point, people who focus on gluten free strip themselves of some minerals as well. It is therefore imperative to think on the foods that you do eat. Make sure that the lost nutrients and minerals that are gained form the products with gluten are absorbed by the body through other resources.

Invest on fresh fruits, nuts, beans, and lentils. Instead of eating crackers, cookies, and even pretzels, eat vegetables together with hummus, berries and nuts, and chickpeas that are roasted.

The good thing about going gluten-free is the chance to reinvent the eating habits. Besides avoiding gluten, go for other foods packed with nutrients and minerals to give you optimum health.

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