Health and Beauty Benefits Offered by Cashew Apple

Many are very much familiar with roasted and salted cashews. However, not too many people are accustomed to cashew apples. Basically, they are the fruits to which cashews are attached. Those who reside in tropical places where cashew trees are native to consume cashew apples as they are, sliced and dehydrated, or in juice form. Sometimes cashew apples are distilled to turn them into sweet-tasting liqueur.

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In addition, they are also employed by traditional healers in managing a wide variety of health problems, from high blood pressure to cancer. So without further ado, let us talk about some of the perks offered by cashew apples:


They Help Reduce Bad Cholesterol

Cashew apples are rich in antioxidants that not only neutralize excess free radicals in the body, but also help get rid of excess bad cholesterol. You definitely wouldn’t want to have unnecessary amounts of cholesterol in your bloodstream as they may accumulate and cause your arteries to get clogged up, increasing your risk of heart disease.


They Also Help Lower High Blood Pressure

One of the many medicinal properties of cashew apples is their ability to naturally lower high blood pressure. Especially if it’s not treated properly, high blood pressure can damage certain organs of the body, including the kidneys. And similar to high cholesterol, high blood pressure is also a risk factor for deadly heart disease, medical experts say.


They Keep Asthma Attacks at Bay

Antioxidants in cashew apples are capable of warding off inflammation, and that’s why these fruits are regularly juiced and consumed by asthmatics in areas of the planet where they are indigenous to. Further, modern-day studies suggest that cashew apples also support lung functioning, making them ideal for those with respiratory tract issues.


They Make the Immune System Strong

Everyone knows that vitamin C is an immune system strengthener, and an impressive amount of the said nutrient can be found in cashew apples. Needless to say, consuming cashew apples on a regular basis can help lower your risk of ending up with the common cold, flu and other problems brought about by bacteria and viruses.


They Help Keep Your Sharp Vision Intact

Another nutrient found in cashew apples is vitamin A, which has antioxidant properties. It’s no secret that the inclusion of vitamin A-rich foods in the diet is good for the eyes — the said nutrient helps shield the eyes from being damaged by free radicals. Experts say that vitamin A in cashew apples also help ward off vision loss related to aging.


They May Lower Cancer Risk

Because of the loads of antioxidants in cashew apples, consuming them on a regular basis may help considerably lower your chances of ending up with cancer. Antioxidants deactivate excess free radicals in the body before they damage healthy cells and leave them mutated, which can give rise to the formation of cancer cells.


They Prevent Constipation From Bugging You

Since cashew apples are packed with water — that’s why they’re commonly juiced — their regular consumption helps save you from ending up constipated. Also, cashew apples contain good amounts bowel movement-regulating fiber. As an added perk, consuming fiber-rich cashew apples may also lower your odds of having hemorrhoids.


They Promote Skin That’s Young-Looking

Vitamin C in cashew apples and various other food sources are not only good for strengthening the immune system, but also in promoting collagen production. Sounds familiar? Collagen is an ingredient found in many anti-aging products, and it’s actually a type of protein that keeps your skin soft and elastic, making them less susceptible to wrinkling.


They Also Make Your Mane Lovely

One of the many traditional uses of cashew apples is for combating all sorts of hair and scalp problems. But you don’t have to be very good at making special preparations out of cashew apples — something as simple as consuming them if given the chance can help keep your scalp in tip-top shape and your tresses amazing.

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