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The Fat-Blasting Holiday Gym Workout

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This gym workout exercise can help you cut the unwanted fats after having a holiday buffet.

Fair warning: It’s a tough one, so get ready to sweat.

1-mile run on the treadmill.

Round 1

15 lat pull downs (Always pull bar down in front of head and choose a weight that makes the last three reps challenging, but not impossible.)

15 pushups (from the knees if necessary)

15 bodyweight squats

45 jumping jacks

Perform three sets

Round 2

Run half mile on the treadmill at a faster pace than your mile

Do two sets of round one at 12 reps per exercise and 36 jumping jacks

Round 3

Run a quarter mile on the treadmill at a faster pace than the half mile

Do at one set of round one at 10 reps per exercise and 30 jumping jacks




Source: washingtonian.com

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