Health Benefits of Tequila You Didn’t Know About

Tequila can be associated with a bunch of other things than just late-night parties and bad hangovers. Provided that you drink it in moderation, this popular Mexican drink with a strong taste can actually have all sorts of positive effects on your health. This isn’t really that shocking because tequila is plant-based — it is the product of the fermentation of the sap of the blue agave plant, which is something edible and nutritious.

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Continue reading to know some of the amazing benefits that tequila can offer aside from intoxication:


It Helps Normalize Blood Sugar Levels

One of the many traditional uses of the agave plant is for stimulating the body’s insulin production, and this is the reason why tequila is said to help keep your blood sugar levels within the normal range. By causing more insulin to be secreted by specialized cells in the pancreas, the transport of sugar molecules from the bloodstream to the cells is facilitated.


It Promotes Weight Reduction

Did you know that tequila may help you get rid of those unwanted pounds? It’s true — certain types of sugars in the agave plant help you burn excess calories by accelerating the metabolic rate. Some studies say that tequila is also very good at dissolving some of the fat in the food you eat. Just see to it that you don’t combine tequila with sugary mixes so that you won’t counter the beverage’s weight reducing-properties.


It Assists in Lowering Bad Cholesterol Levels

Certain compounds in the agave plant work like dietary fiber that helps flush out some cholesterol before they get to the bloodstream and end up clogging the arteries. Aside from drinking tequila in moderation, it is also a good idea for you to opt for a healthy diet and get your regular dose of exercise to keep high bad cholesterol levels at bay.


It Helps Stimulate Your Appetite

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Got no appetite? Have a shot of tequila before meals. Certain studies have shown that the well-known Mexican beverage is capable of increasing your desire for food, which is a good thing as it helps ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs for its various systems to function properly. But make sure that you don’t drink too much tequila as you may lose control and end up eating more food than necessary, which is not good for your health and figure!


It Encourages Better Digestion of Food

A shot of tequila right after one’s meal is associated with better digestion. This is especially true if you just had a very large meal. By stimulating the digestive process, having an upset stomach can be dodged. But tequila offers something even more remarkable to your digestive system, as you will find out next.


It Supplies Your Gut with Health-Friendly Bacteria

Yogurt, kimchi and so many other fermented foods are very popular among health-conscious people. That’s because they help keep the balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut by supplying your body with beneficial microbes that keep in check the population of the health-wrecking evil ones. The so-called fructans present in tequila actually yield good bacteria! Just remember to keep your tequila consumption in moderation for best results.


It May be Used to Help Combat a Cold

There was a time in the past wherein Mexican doctors actually prescribed tequila to patients who are battling the common cold. Sometimes it is also recommended for flu! If you want to bounce back from a cold much faster, have a shot of tequila. Oh, and don’t forget to squeeze some fresh lemon juice into it for added immune-boosting vitamin C!


It Helps Ease Those Painful Muscles and Joints

Scared of all those unfavorable side effects that painkillers bring? Try having a shot of tequila when you are facing achy and inflamed muscles or joints. Tequila is known to promote the relaxation of the walls of the blood vessels, thus improving circulation. This helps supply painful muscles and joints with more oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood, which helps accelerate the healing process.

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