How to Make Your Very Own Honey Elixir

Don’t let its super sweetness fool you, but honey is a relentless bacteria fighter! This viscous liquid that is actually made from the nectar of flowers is an awesome alternative to refined sugar (which is very bad for the health!) as well as a natural remedy for problems such as allergies, weakened immune system, scrapes, cuts and many more.

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Especially when the cold season strikes when so many people tend to suffer from colds, cough, flu and other infections concerning the respiratory tract, honey elixirs boom in popularity! You can find these products with healing properties practically everywhere you look — supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores. They are also easily obtainable on the internet. Indeed, your medicine cabinet at home won’t be complete without a bottle of honey elixir in it.

What makes honey elixirs work impressively is of course its star ingredient — honey! According to several studies conducted on it, honey is very good at killing off bacteria. In fact, honey has been used for disinfecting wounds and preventing infections since the ancient times. You may actually consider honey as the sweetest antibiotic on the planet!

Aside from suppressing an infection, honey may also be employed to prevent an infection from happening in the first place. Thanks to its viscosity, this saccharine liquid creates a barrier to prevent bacteria from wreaking havoc to a scrape, cut or any other minor skin trauma. That is why if you don’t have access to soap and water or that tube of skin antiseptic upon obtaining a wound, you may reach for a bottle of honey and apply it on the injury to prevent an infection.

As if it’s not enough that it has amazing antimicrobial properties, honey also possesses superb immune system-boosting capabilities! In other words, honey elixirs can help zap an infection while at the same time strengthening your body against subsequent infections. That is why adding honey to the diet is a great idea. It’s like making all sorts of your favorite food and beverages taste better while you are shielding your body against infections caused by invading microbes.

With these astounding health-giving benefits of honey, it can be very tempting to get your hands on a bottle of honey elixir — unless you already have one in your medicine cabinet at home! However, did you know that buying a bottle of honey elixir is not the only solution to dealing with allergies and infections naturally?

Especially if you are fond of DIY projects, you’ll be glad to know that it is actually very easy to whip up your own honey elixir at home. It’s cheap and it’s easy — plus you get to enjoy the thought that a powerful elixir that can cure and protect your loved ones is something you made with your own hands! How awesome is that?

Another nice thing about coming up with your own honey elixir is you get to choose the herb you want it to go with. It’s no secret that there are tons of herbs on the planet that offer amazing health benefits and medicinal properties. By adding the right herb to your homemade elixir, you can come up with an all-natural cure that fully utilizes the healing properties of some of Mother Nature’s gifts to mankind.

Here’s the very simple DIY honey elixir recipe:


  • 1 cup of raw honey (the kind available locally is the best)
  • 1 tablespoon of the dried herb of your liking (you may use 2 tablespoons of the fresh variety if you like)


  1. Boil water in a double boiler.
  2. Set the stove to the lowest possible setting.
  3. Place a cup of honey in the double boiler.
  4. Add the herb of your choice and stir very well.
  5. Cover the double boiler.
  6. Allow to boil for about an hour.
  7. Turn off the stove and allow it to cool.
  8. Once cool, pour the resulting elixir through a fine strainer and seal in a jar.
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