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Is Too Much Estrogen Causing Your PMS?

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The overwhelming fatigue, mood swings, crying sessions and chocolate cravings. Yep, it’s that time of the month again. PMS is an acronym that every woman knows and hate. Menstruation was never supposed to hurt or make you roll on your bed crying. It is a normal response of the female body, menstruation removes toxins and gunk in the body. PMS actually comes from hormone imbalance.

Symptoms of PMS appear near our menstrual cycles. During our cycle fluctuations in our hormones happen, this often causes imbalance. This fluctuation causes the body to go haywire, thus PMS happens. So, which of our hormones cause PMS? Most people will say estrogen is the culprit.

Estrogen is essential to the body, but too much estrogen can cause side effects in the body such as:
• Bloating
• Lowered metabolism
• Weaken thyroid function
• Increased risk of cancer and insulin resistance
• Raised risk of autoimmune disease
• And other health risk

What Causes Too Much Estrogen?
Estrogen is in everywhere we look. You can find it in food, lotions, beverages, facial cleansers and so much more everyday items. Our body can get too much estrogen naturally. The tricky part is removing excess estrogen. Estrogen takes a lot of effort to remove. Estrogen takes two paths the liver or the digestive tract. Excess estrogen usually goes to the liver. When the liver is not functioning right, estrogen cannot be excreted from the body and just end up circulating in the bloodstream causing PMS symptoms

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Balancing out Estrogen Levels
Remove excess estrogen by 3 simple ways. Improve digestion, boost kidney health and avoid estrogen filled products and food.

Tips for Balancing Estrogen Naturally
– Eat Protein rich foods. Proteins help boost digestive functions and promote a healthy liver. If you live an active lifestyle amp up on the protein, but the quality of the protein matters. Opt for unprocessed dairy and grass-fed meat. Soy protein can actually make estrogen levels worse, since soy is high in phytoestrogen (imitates estrogen). If you suffer from PMS avoid Soy products.
– Aluminum helps activate estrogen receptors, making estrogen stick to your body a lot easier. Avoid using products with aluminum such as aluminum cookware and aluminum foil.
– We eliminate estrogen through our digestive tract, having a smooth bowel movement can help prevent excess estrogen.
– Avoid chemically processed foods, opt for organic and fresh.

Remove excess estrogen by 3 simple ways. Improve digestion, boost kidney health and avoid estrogen filled products and food. Keep this in mind and keep PMS symptoms at bay.

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