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Natural Ingredients Used by Greeks for Beautiful Skin

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The Greeks had a lot of contributions to the world from the arts, culture, and even the government system. What’s more, the Greeks also had something up their sleeves when it comes to beauty. You see, the Greeks managed to keep their skin looking amazing using natural products. We can learn a thing or two about their beauty routine today. If you want to take care of your skin but don’t want to rely mostly on skin care products, you should start with the following.

Olive oil

The olive tree was sacred to the ancient Greeks because it has a variety of uses from the hair, skin, body, and overall health. The oil from the tree was harvested by the Greeks which they then apply to their skin so that it will be protected against the heat. This is still being used today by herbalists in place of regular sunscreen. Although its efficacy is still debatable, you might want to consider consulting your doctor first before you use it on your skin.

Almond oil

Another natural ingredient that the Greeks used on their skin is almond oil. The ancient Greeks often use this oil on their hair as a treatment to help strengthen their hair. Nowadays, almond oil is a common ingredient in many hair and body treatments which isn’t surprising given that it is high linoleic, palmitic, oleic acid, vitamin K, and E.

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The Greeks were quite fond of using honey as facial mask which isn’t really surprising given that honey as tons of health and beauty benefits. They mix honey with olive oil before spreading on their face to keep it tight, smooth, and blemish free. So if you want to keep your skin tight and young looking, you should take advantage of honey as a facial mask. Leave it on for 10 minutes then remove with washcloth.


Clay is a trend nowadays when it comes to dealing with oily skin and we have the Greeks to thank for it. It appears that natural clay can actually cleanse your skin from any impurities by drawing them out from your skin. Another plus to natural clay is that it can fight inflammation and even redness that are triggered by blocked pores. So if you find yourself dealing with oily skin, you should try natural clay as facial mask.

Salt scrub

The Ancient Greeks often use salt scrubs to cleanse their elbows and knees as the rough texture of the salt mixed with olive oil act as a natural exfoliant. Mix the two together then apply on your skin and knees and massage in a circular motion. You will find that a lot of dead skin cells will be removed easily using this solution.

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