Guide to Unplugging

We are constantly glued to technology the moment that we wake up until we go to sleep. It has become our lifeline to the outside world, to friends, family, and even work for that matter. We just can’t seem to let technology go no matter where we go! Unfortunately, the more we become hooked to technology, such as the internet, the more we become separated from the rest of the world. We prefer to start relationships with other people online while not learning how to interact in real life. What’s more, although technology makes life more convenient, it is a source of stress too. This is why you need to learn to unplug from time to time. Here are a few steps to get it done.

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Change your email setting to priority only

If you don’t want to end up checking your email all day long, set it to priority only. This way, you’ll only get notified when important emails are coming in. You can also set your email up when you are away on vacation so that those who are emailing you will know that you are not available to answer their emails.

Delete addicting apps

Another reason that you are often hooked on your phone is that there are apps that you just can’t stop using. This is understandable since most of us make use of social media or games to while away the hours. Unfortunately, once we are hooked, we just can’t stop using them! The best way to save yourself from these apps is to delete them. You will find that you’ll have more free hours to use.

Enable “Do Not Disturb”

It is always a good idea to enable the “Do Not Disturb” feature of your phone so you won’t get distracted when working. It’s okay that you don’t answer your text messages. You’ll get more time to do your tasks this manner.

No phones in bed

Another way to unplug from technology is to leave your phone in the other room before bed time. This way, your body will go into a calm and relaxed state so that you will be ready for bed. If you can’t do it just yet, you can put it in silent mode so that you won’t be bothered by its ringing or notifications as you get a good night’s sleep.

Go for walks

It’s hard to get away from your phone or your computer, it’s true, but you can always start by going out for breaks from time to time. Leave your phone at home and go for a walk. Not only will this be good for your health but it will also give you a break from technology too. Make this a habit and you’ll find yourself enjoying your walks even more.

Make it a game

Well, it’s not just you who has to unplug, ask your family or friends to join in the fun especially when you are eating. When you get together, put all the phones face down on one end of the table so everyone will be talking to one another. This is much better since you won’t be tempted to check your phone. You’ll find that you are reconnecting with the entire family afterwards. 

There are a lot of reasons why you should unplug from technology from time to time. You will find that it is much easier to reconnect with those around you as well as your surroundings. Once you get used to keeping yourself away from technology, you will find that you’re going to look forward to these moments more and more.

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