Natural Ways to Revive and Brighten Tired Skin

Having a bad hair day is easy, putting it under a cap or putting it in a bun will fix the problem. Coordinate your clothes the night before to avoid blind picking in the morning. Tired skin on the other hand can be difficult, but I have here a list of things you can try to revive and brighten your tired skin.

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Try out some of these tips:

Blush – Simply apply on blush! Applying this puts back the natural glow in your cheeks and skin. Having a pale complexion can make you look tired. Apply small amounts of blush in the tip of your nose, forehead and cheeks for a bright and cheery look.

Water – People who lack sleep are often dehydrated Keep the moisture in your skin by drinking water. Drink water before you sleep and immediately when you wake up.

Ice – This is a great tip for when you have a hangover. Splash your face early in the morning with ice water, then rub the ice cube all over your face. This stimulates the blood flow back to your face. This gives back the color and brightness in your face.

Concealer – This makeup must-have is essential to any gender. It can camouflage acnes, dark circles, discoloration and more.

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Chill Face Products – this is quick and easy tip you can do every day. Simply chill your skin care products. Put your eye cream, moisturizer and toners in the fridge overnight and apply them cold in the morning and at night. Keeping it chilled helps in enhancing blood flow.

Exfoliate – Removing dead skin cells in the face is great in making the skin look and feel fresh. Use facial scrubs two to three times a week.

Remove Puffiness – If like me, you suffer from puffiness that even ice cold water can’t fix, try buying some de-puffing products. Roller balls, eye serums and massagers have been created to help you de-puff your face at home. Gently use these products on your skin to lessen puffiness in the face, especially in the eye area.

Face Mask – Apply facial mask as much as you can. Cucumber mask and mint mask are great in refreshing the skin, giving it a youthful glow. You can make your DIY facial mask for a pamper session with friends or buy an easy to apply facial mask in stores for a quick refreshing morning facial mask.

There is no need to worry about leaving the house looking like a stressed out mother of 12 with this quick tips and tricks. Remember to pick the right products for your face and buy a concealer that is a shade lighter to your skin. It makes your skin look brighter and glowing.

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