Avoid These Mistakes In Washing Your Face

Washing your face is one of the skin care essentials that help in removing dirt and excess oil. If not done properly, chances are you might be doing harm than good.

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We list down the most common face washing blunders that you are doing that needs to be corrected.

You overdo it.

Excess washing of your face aggravate skin which makes it age rapidly. Wash your face twice daily – one in the morning and one in the evening. If you are working out, pre and post workout wash is okay.

You are using the wrong kind of cleanser.

Using the wrong cleanser can hinder the efficacy of the skin product you apply. It causes irritation. Always consider your skin type. If you have normal to dry complexions, opt for more hydrating and creamy cleansers. If you have sensitive skin, use non-soap, gentle cleansers. If you have oily skin, use facial wash with salicylic acid. For combination skin, use foaming or gel cleansers to wash your face. Harsh cleansers strips off skin’s natural oil and causes irritation.

You don’t remove your makeup before bed.

No matter how exhausted you are, never neglect removing your makeup before you go to bed. Not removing your makeup ruins your complexion because it clogs your pores during sleep, resulting to acne. It also prevents sebum, the lubricant in the skin to perform its function of moisturizing the skin and removing dead cells.

You apply your cleanser incorrectly.

Be sure to use your face cleansers properly to get the best results. If you are using cleansing lotion, apply it on dry skin and rub it for a few seconds similar to a moisturizer. This allows oil in the cleanser to breakdown oil in the makeup and on your skin. If you are using stronger gels or foams, wet your skin first so they don’t dry out your complexion. For cleansers made to fight acne, allow it to sit on the skin one minute before rinsing. This gives the active ingredients time to do its job of destroying acne-causing bacteria.

You over-exfoliate or skip exfoliation.

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Skin exfoliation should be done once or twice a week. More than the required can aggravate the condition of the skin. Certainly, exfoliation is essential because it enhances the texture and tone of the skin. Skin experts recommend exfoliating at night wherein the skin is in renewal mode.

You use too hot water to rinse your face.

If you have acne or rosacea, you should avoid using hot water to wash your face. Hot water dilates blood vessels under the skin, making your skin appear flushed and red. It also dries the skin. Stick to lukewarm water to cleanse your face.

You rub your face when drying.

After washing your face, refrain from rubbing your face dry. This can make your face to inflame, which can lead to irritation and redness. The best way to dry your face after cleansing is to pat it dry. Press gently the washcloth or towel against your skin to absorb water.

You rely too much on facial wipes.

Facial wipes are convenient way to remove makeup but it should not be used as substitute in washing your face. Wipes only smears dirt, makeup and oil on skin. It does not remove everything on your face. To keep your face clean, you can use wipes when you are out, but be sure to follow it up with cleansing your face once get home.

You don’t change your washcloths.

Whenever you wash your face, be sure to use fresh and clean towel. A damp towel can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Likewise, switch to baby washcloth since the fabric is less likely to damage the skin.

Washing your face the right way is one of the many steps to keeping skin’s youth and radiance. Avoiding the aforementioned blunders can help in achieving younger looking and radiant skin. So, always treat your skin right and you will reap the benefits.

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