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Reasons Why Adults Should Play Hopscotch, Too

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Even though there’s an abundance of PC, tablet and smart phone games for kids, many still play hopscotch. This timeless game shows no sign of going away anytime soon. And it shouldn’t — it offers so many perks not only for kids, but also adults who engage in it!

So without further ado, here are some of the reasons why an adult like you should also play hopscotch:

It’s a Great Form of Exercise

Rumor has it that hopscotch was invented as a form of training for Roman soldiers. Whether it’s true or not, it cannot be denied that hopscotch gets your heart and lungs working harder, which means it’s giving your body an excellent workout! Playing hopscotch also helps strengthen your muscles, most especially those in your lower extremities. Just make sure that you regularly switch legs to give both of them a good workout!

It Can Lift Your Mood

We all know that exercising is an all-natural way to combat depression because it encourages more of those happy hormones called endorphins to be produced. The mood-lifting benefit of hopscotch is multiplied by the fact that you can play it with others — with kids or young-at-heart adults, it doesn’t really matter!

It Helps Ward Off Unwanted Pounds

Does hitting the gym bore you? Try playing hopscotch, which helps you burn those extra calories in a really exciting way. All the throwing, hopping, leaping and picking up you need to carry out helps in keeping unwanted weight at bay.

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It Promotes Better Balance and Flexibility

Clearly, playing hopscotch is something that can gradually improve your balance and flexibility. Having superb balance and flexibility allows you to perform so many everyday tasks — from climbing the stairs to grocery shopping — more efficiently. Further, it also helps lower your risk of falling and getting injured.

It Also Targets Your Core

Just about any physical activity that involves your lower and upper extremities target the core, and your lower back and abdominal muscles can be worked out with a game of hopscotch. So if you are not fond of doing planks, crunches and sit-ups, make sure that playing hopscotch is a part of your everyday agenda.

It Can be Played No Matter What

Raining? No problemo — hopscotch can be played indoors with the use of a hopscotch mat or by using masking tape to create the grid. Alone? It’s okay — hopscotch is something that can be played whether you are by yourself or not. In other words, hopscotch is a form of game and exercise that can be performed no matter what!

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