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Reasons to Avoid Weight Loss Laxative Teas

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Are you planning on taking weight loss laxative teas? Before you brew your first cup of it, continue reading. This article will tell you some of the reasons why it’s not really a smart idea for you to count on weight loss laxative teas to attain the figure of your dreams.

Don’t forget to share this article afterwards to let your figure-conscious family members and friends know, too, why they should refrain from consuming weight loss laxative teas.

Weight loss laxative teas, just like what they are called suggests, promote bowel movement. In doing so, it prompts your body to get rid of water, and this is what causes those who consume weight loss laxative teas to fit in tight clothes that they couldn’t fit in before.

Evidently, the intake of weight loss laxative teas only eliminates water weight and not a person’s actual weight. When you consume water, all the weight you have lost will return.

But the trouble with weight loss laxative teas is they can also cause a number of issues to strike, especially those that have something to do with the digestive tract. If you take weight loss laxative teas regularly, it’s very much likely for you to end up with a bunch of problems.

Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid weight loss laxative teas:

Watery Stools

Weight loss laxative teas work by stimulating the colon to expel all of its contents, even water that it should absorb. It’s for this reason exactly why the intake of weight loss laxative teas can lead to a bout of diarrhea. Taking weight loss laxative teas constantly can result in continuous diarrhea, which can cause the next problem.

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Fluid Loss

Having diarrhea because of the consumption of weight loss laxative teas can cause your body to lose a lot of water. In the process, some electrolytes such as sodium, magnesium and calcium are lost, too, and this can trigger an electrolyte imbalance. Fatigue and headaches are some of the usual symptoms.

Muscle Weakness

Those who take weight loss laxative teas often report of muscle weakness. This does not really come as a big surprise because diarrhea caused by weight loss laxative teas can also cause potassium loss, a mineral so important for the proper contraction of muscles. By the way, excessive potassium loss can also harm the kidneys.

Abdominal Cramps

One of the most unfavorable side effects of weight loss laxative teas is abdominal cramping. It’s something that can be expected since weight loss laxative teas stimulate the colon to get rid of all of its contents. Some people may suffer from abdominal cramps so severe that they also experience nausea and vomiting.

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Drinking weight loss laxative teas on a regular basis can eventually lead to constipation, experts say. The intake of weight loss laxative teas can cause the colon to lose its ability to expel its contents after some time. It’s a vicious cycle as you may end up having to take even more weight loss laxative teas just for you to have a bowel movement.

Unhealthy Gut

The intake of weight loss laxative teas can also flush out bacteria in the colon. While that may sound like it’s a good thing, it’s not. That’s because even the beneficial bacteria in your intestines are eliminated in the process. You don’t want to get rid of those beneficial microbes as they are vital for your health and wellness.

Weight loss laxative teas do not really cause you to lose weight. However, its inability to make those excess pounds go away is not really the biggest of your concerns, but the issues that are mentioned above.

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