Signs That You May Have See Sick Syndrome (SEE)

It’s perfectly normal for many people to suffer from nausea or headaches if they are riding in a car or looking at a computer screen for several hours. However, it is an entirely different story if all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms are encountered even after just a few minutes of being in the car or going online.

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Feeling sick to your stomach rather easily whenever there is motion present or eye functioning involved may be an indicator that you have see sick syndrome or SEE. Also known as neuro-ocular vestibular dysfunction or NOVD, the way it’s called pretty much sums up what usually happens: when you see something moving, you feel sick.

According to a lot of eye specialists, there are millions of people out there who suffer from see sick syndrome that are left undiagnosed thinking that it’s just the nature of things and it has nothing to do with their vision. Well, everything about this rarely talked about eye problem is all related to visual dysfunction.

Motion sickness is a sensation that everyone gets from time to time. Those who have see sick syndrome, however, tend to have it even while doing things that normally wouldn’t cause such problem to strike, like when walking down the aisle of a supermarket or being with a crowd — yes, even these can cause issues in people with see sick syndrome!

Wondering whether or not the fact that you easily get sick to your stomach may be an indicator that you are suffering from see sick syndrome? Then continue reading. Below you will come across some of the telltale signs that you may be actually one of the millions of people who unknowingly have this less-known eye condition:

You get dizzy or end up with a nasty headache a few minutes after riding a car 

Even when the road is straight, someone with see sick syndrome can easily end up feeling nauseated.

You cannot read in a moving car 

Everyone can feel queasy several minutes after reading in a vehicle. If you feel sick after just a few seconds of attempting to read something, then you may have see sick syndrome.

You get carsick at night

Because vision is limited at night, it’s less likely for motion sickness to strike. But if you have see sick syndrome, traveling at night can still leave you feeling very much uncomfortable.

You feel dizzy using a computer or smart phone 

It is evidently not normal for you to become dizzy or have a headache just a few minutes after sitting before a computer or using your phone.

You cannot sit close to the movie screen

You may have see sick syndrome if it’s your habit to stay at the back of the theater to avoid feeling queasy. You may also have it if watching 3D movies is a terrible idea.

You wind up nauseated when grocery shopping 

If it seems like you are getting motion sickness just by moving down the aisle at the local supermarket, then you may be suffering from see sick syndrome.

You can’t stand moving or walking with a crowd 

You may also have see sick syndrome if it’s a real problem for your head and stomach to walk within a group of people.

You are extremely sensitive to light 

Seeing an eye specialist is a good idea if it seems like the lights are so bright no matter the establishment you visit, or you need to wear sunglasses even on a cloudy day.

While all of these signs may indicate that you have see sick syndrome, only an eye specialist will be able to determine if the problem that is constantly bugging you is in fact the said vision problem. After ruling out other issues concerning your eyes, he or she will perform certain tests that can help in the diagnosis of see sick syndrome.

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