Simple Steps Away from Diabetes

Other than being mindful of what goes into your mouth, exercising is another thing that you should do if you are afflicted with diabetes. One of the best exercises around is walking. In fact, so many health and fitness professionals claim that walking is the best form of exercise. This low-impact aerobic routine is highly ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels.

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Walking most especially after having your meals is an excellent way to regulate an increase in the levels of sugar or glucose in the blood. This happens because engaging in physical activities such as walking causes the muscles to take up sugar or glucose. As a result, the levels of sugar or glucose in the blood, something that tend to increase after having your meals, can be lowered by walking effectively.

Something as short as 15 minutes of walking is said to be beneficial most especially among the elderly. The favorable effects of walking are most noteworthy and valuable right after having your meals at the end of the day.

Based on some researches, there are experts who believe that taking a quick 15-minute walk provides more benefits than a longer one. In addition, certain investigations have revealed that doing an easy or a moderate pace yields the best results. The key is to pay attention to your body so that you may determine if you are doing it at a pace that suits your needs.

Walking on a regular basis helps your body use insulin, a hormone that controls the levels of sugar or glucose in the blood, more effectively. It also helps strengthen both the muscles and bones without putting you at a great risk of ending up injured since walking is a low-impact type of aerobic exercise.

Whether afflicted with diabetes or not, having regular exercise is highly recommendable as it reduces bad cholesterol levels, lowers the blood pressure and makes the heart pump blood more effectively. Due to all of these benefits, heart disease and stroke are less likely to take place.

In addition, exercising helps you shed off excess pounds. Combined with proper eating habits and a healthy lifestyle, it can be easy for you to attain your ideal weight and keep it around. Exercising also helps boost both your energy and mood.

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