Surprising Ways to Boost Creativity

Creativity is a quality that only humans have. Some are more creative than others. The best work of art, books, architecture, music all came from someone’s creative mind at one point. The amazing thing about creativity is, it can’t be taught. No matter how hard you try, you can’t make someone creative. Creativity comes from within and can hit at any time. Though it cannot be taught, you can give creativity a little boost. Using simple techniques to boost creativity will give your brain the nudge it needs to create that masterpiece.

If you ever feel like you’re in a creative rut or experiencing a “creative block”. Try out these surprising ways to boost creativity.

Exercise to boost creativity:
This is pretty much a win-win situation. You get your heart pumping and you get your creative juices flowing at the same time. Exercising is said to boost the brain’s ability to think creatively. A study was done on two groups of people, one group was asked to watch a video while the other was asked to perform an exercise routine. After the two groups were finished with their task, they were asked to come up with a solution to a problem. The group that was asked to exercise outperformed the other.

Work when you’re tired:
This concept doesn’t really work when you have to perform analytic problems, but can be amazing for creativity. Have you ever experienced your mind drifting elsewhere when you’re tired? During this time of idleness, our mind is able to spread out more freely without the restraints of the analytical parts of the brain. Our brain is able to go to a day dream stage where a lot of creativity starts to take place. The best time to be creative is at night or in the wee hours of the morning when our body is physically tired. We’ve all experience lying in bed dead tired when a sudden genius idea comes into our mind right? That is basically how it goes, since our body is tired our mind is able to focus internally without any distraction from outside forces. Such as needing to eat, or do homework. When doing this though, write down your idea or record it to prevent from forgetting.

Dim Lighting:
Dim lighting is better for boosting creativity and natural light for boosting analytical skills. The mind is able to let go of the less visible and concentrate on creative performance. Dim lighting also stimulates the brain and helps it think more freely. You can also go to a dark room to focus creative energy or simply closing your eyes a few minutes.

Write everything down:
Even if you feel like you are writing gibberish or nonsense. Doing this will declutter the mind and you can use these notes for further creative setbacks.

Playing Video Games:
Picking up that remote control will help creativity. Video games are known to increase concentration and analytical abilities. Playing games will also allow the mind to wander and relax.

Break things apart:
No, don’t break your phone in half. This technique is called the “generic-parts technique”. It is simply breaking simple things apart to enhance creative insights. For example, take a piece of apple from the fridge and separate them. You now have an apple core, seeds, apple skin and the apple chunks. This is a great way to process ideas and segregate them into categories and find a good connection.

Try out these tips for a little creativity boost, but don’t expect creativity to hit you immediately. There will always be times where no matter how much time and effort you put into being creative the brain will not put out. There will also be times where you will have such a creative high that it can be overwhelming. Just try to focus and keep your cool that creative idea is just around the corner

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